FCPS: Students Overworked, Special Ed needs more Money, AAP being Diluted, and...

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Students Overworked, Special Ed needs more Money, AAP being Diluted, and Fairfax County Now Sanctuary for Killers

Recap of February 21, 2019 FCSB Meeting

By Jim Cocker

The February 21 FCSB meeting can be watched in its entirety at .

FCPS School_Board Meeting 2-21-19

Many FCPS Students Overworked, Stressed, Depressed and even Suicidal

The first person to speak was a Fairfax County student representative who complained that many students are being assigned more homework than the FCPS recommended guidelines (and doing the work load of equivalent to 15 hour work days), and that it results in increased stress, depression and suicides (See ).  She also said this is resulting in lack of sleep, isolation (from family and friends), atrophy and weight gain, as many kids in the public schools are deprived of sleep (less than five hours), social interaction, and exercise by excessive school pressures and work loads.

Special Ed Needs More Money to Attract Out of County Residents to Move Here

She was followed by special ed advocacy that is complaining about lower scores for special needs students, even though Fairfax County is said to have some of the highest spend rates on special needs students in the country such that people are said to move to Fairfax County in ever increasing numbers just to take advantage of the amazing generosity of all the super rich taxpayers who have nothing better to do with their money than to give to the public schools and their brilliant and compassionate management and oversight.

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Give a Hoot, Don’t Dilute (the AAP)

The next speaker was a mother who is a professor at George Mason with four kids in FCPS (See ). She stated she was against the politically correct equity goals in the strategic plan which attempts to expand advanced placement programs (AAP) beyond the current abilities of the students who are not qualified, motivated, prepared, or ready for such programs.

She basically states it wastes school resources, teachers time and energy, and sets unqualified or improperly prepared students up for failure. Nor does it address the actual reasons there may be gaps in performance among minority groups.  The reality is not every student is gifted, and by trying to force such labels, classes, and pressures it sets up failure.  She emphasized that teachers are already stretched thin, and by increasing the size of these programs that current teachers must spend more time on struggling students, and the gifted are left to teach themselves (defeating the original purpose of the AAPs).

She was followed by and Indian American father who pleaded with the school board not to dilute the AAP to pursue politically correct pipe dreams.  He said that FCPS should push the academically advanced higher, and not lower toward the status quo.

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Fairfax County is now a Sanctuary City, allowing Sanctuary Murder of Students

While the FCSB wastes millions in renaming JEB and Lee because no dorms are named after them at Harvard and Yale, the school board ignored pleading parents and citizens for doing nothing to stop violent central American MS-13 gangs in the schools, nor harassing students on their way to and from school.  

This lax attitude of the Fairfax County School Board and Board of Supervisor of creating sanctuaries for illegal alien criminals has indirectly resulted in the murder of several students in the Fairfax County Public Schools. 

It was reported by the US Department of Justice that on February 21 that they indicted 11 gang members of MS-13 in Fairfax County (in the Holmes Run area) for kidnapping and killing two Fairfax County teens in 2016.

It is said that MS-13 has roughly 3,000 gang members in the DC area (where Fairfax County has a healthy percentage).  The reality is none of these gang members should be in northern Virginia to begin with (creating terror, havoc, and crime in our communities and schools), and even many caring members within the Latino community would agree.

Instead of wasting time and money on unwanted changing of names of schools, where it would be better to teach history and eradicate it, the school board and board of supervisors should get rid of their discriminatory and deadly sanctuary city policies and purge the criminal elements from society where they are unwanted.

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1) The next two FCSB Meetings are scheduled for 7pm Thursday March 7 and March 21 at Luther Jackson Middle School in Falls Church. Please consider speaking on issues that are near and dear to you. Your voice in your government is important.

2) Help spread the word about the School Board Wasting Money to Rename Lee High School. Don’t wait till CNN broadcasts the news, start telling your friends and neighbors now, specially if you know people in Lee District. Have them contact the out of control school board members at

3) FLECAC Meetings for March 14 and April 11 are said to be Canceled. While the FLECAC meetings have been canceled for March and April, it is suggested to use the time to focus on helping the many new candidates run for school board on our side. The school board elections are this Fall in 2019. We can only create positive change with positive people, so lets make it happen.

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