Sun Gazette editorial: Put the focus squarely on student achievement

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Sun Gazette editorial: Put the focus squarely on student achievement


The Virginia Department of Education last week was out with 2018-19 Standards of Learning (SOLs) results across the commonwealth.

The pass rates ebb and flow year to year for a variety of reasons, but one unfortunate reality is the ongoing existence of persistent achievement gaps – and in the newly released data, differences in performance remain among various racial and ethnic groups.

It’s a lot more complicated a situation than simply saying “Group X does better than Group Y which does better than Group Z” on the exams. Immigrant students who have yet to fully learn the language obviously might have difficulties with the testing. And score results often are seen to be as much a factor of economics than of race or ethnicity.

But at the same time, school officials seem unwilling or unable to get to the root causes of some of the disparities. Perhaps renaming school buildings and other virtue-signaling is a lot easier than the elbow grease and out-of-the-box thinking required to make sure ALL students have the opportunity to succeed at a top level.

Improving outcomes across racial, ethnic and economic spectra should be the laser-like focus of school leaders. While SOLs are not perfect vessels for understanding the nuances of student achievement, they remain the best way to identify broad areas of success – and failure.

Elected and appointed school leaders, in Virginia and elsewhere, need to either get more aggressive in addressing the issue, or get out and turn the situation over to those who will. Otherwise, another generation of students will come and go, ill-served by the educational system that should have its best interests at heart.

Recap of February 7 FCSB Meeting

Anti-Semitism, Carcinogens, Robert E. Lee, Student School Board Members, Wasting Class Time, and Fearless Freddy

By Jose Jeppesen

Despite the non-eventful meeting agenda, the February 7 FCSB meeting was insightful as it revealed many undercurrents in motion to be carefully watched by the concerned eye.  It can be watched in its entirety at

School Board Meeting 02-07-19

School Board Starts Renaming Lee High School because Democrat Governor Wears Black Face Paint 

The most stunning development occurred an hour before the official school board meeting started when School Board Member Tammy Kaufax betrayed her Lee District constituents and secretly submitted a  motion to start the process to rename Lee High School (and waste a million dollars) to something politically correct and pleasant like a Citrus Bathroom Air Freshener Product. 


Despite School Board member Sandy Evans recently becoming the first ever politician to be recalled in Fairfax County’s government 250 year history for her corrupt involvement in forcing the unwanted name change of JEB Stuart High School among the happy diverse community, Tammy wants to test to see how the public reacts to wasting another million dollars on an unneeded and unwanted school name change.  

Why would she do such a thing?  The clear answer appears the locals are responding to their masters in Richmond who are in a heap of trouble for getting caught sexually assaulting women and wearing black face paint.   So instead of taking responsibility for their own actions, they want to deflect and blame everyone else and make everyone else suffer.   They will try to create the narrative that they must purge the county of any historical traces of the Confederacy, but it will look very strange when the Democrat Party has an even worse historical record at harming and oppressing minorities, and is unwilling to change its own name and address its horrific history past.

This may get ugly, as unlike other areas, Robert E. Lee is a great American hero who grew up locally in Northern Virginia, and responded morally and ethically to the call to arms by his State of Virginia at a time when the Constitutional legality of Secession had not been determined. Add to it that there are many, JEB Stuart Alumni and Washington & Lee High School in Arlington who are still super upset at the unjust, costly, and unwanted name changes forced upon them by the school board.  Other High Schools in the area such as Mount Vernon, Jefferson, James Madison, Chantilly, and Fairfax High Schools should be alarmed and may join in the revolt.   Watch out, Tammy may get the whammy.

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Middle East Traditions Relocate to Fairfax County

The first public speaker at the school board meeting was Palestinian woman who claims FCPS text books are not accurate, and misrepresent the Middle East and Muslims.  She says terrorism is not directed at Westerners (but instead directed at all infidels, and even different sects of Muslims).  (See ) .  She was followed by another local Arab woman who claims it is not the Palestinians and Arabs in the Middle East that are the problem, but those unwanted and annoying Israelis (who just don’t get the message and won’t go away).  Of course, they are not happy with America’s promises of freedom and tolerance, and want to import their intolerance of others to the US and FCPS.  One wonders who will win when the Muslims and LGBT clash in their extreme culture war?  But that is a question for another day.

The toughest part of this issue is that Muslim-Americans are actually our strong allies on many fiscal and social issues at the county level.  Just don’t ask them what they think of Israel or Jews.  Your ears may fall off, and your heart may turn blue.

Fearless Freddy Says Science and Logic demonstrates that Marriage helps People and Society

After the Arabs blaming the Jews in FCPS, Fred the Rocket Scientist (aka, Fearless Freddy) spoke at , and blasted off by stating that that Virginia Governor Northam was recently both wrong in promoting the killing of a baby inside the womb, as well as outside the womb (aka, infanticide). 

He then said the school board has one more year in office to correct the past errors, including appealing to a young person’s high ideals of sex and relationships in the FLE (Sex Ed) program, rather than promoting debasing perversions.  He then said instead they should be promoting healthy, happy, faithful, and long lasting marriages.  He said marriages are good for the person and good to society.  He said he has reviewed the FLE (Sex Ed) program and they are not doing that right now, including not applying science, logic and reason, and because of such, they are hurting people.

He also said that although he is religious, as a rocket scientist he has spent his whole life in pursuit of science and serving logic and reasoning.  He then recommended the school board do the same.  He’ll even offer his teaching services for free.

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Bad Grades are Not the Problem with FCPS, the real problem is Carcinogenic Foods

A progressive next spoke by saying the World Health Organization (which is known for exaggerating) says that eating processed meat like salami is like eating cigarettes, asbestos, and plutonium and FCPS should take a lead in banning them. Watching this progressive speak is even funnier if one watches it with a gigantic vat of buttery and salted popcorn, gigantic sugary soda, and bag of gummy bears (See ).  He then quotes from the savior Al Gore and says that its an inconvenient truth to believe that nothing is more important than protecting children from killer salami and hostess cupcakes. 

Fairfax School Board Wasted 3 days of School in January Compared to Neighboring Montgomery County

Happy Chinese New Year says Mike the school reformer at  .  Mike then said the school board should be wise and careful on how it spends taxpayer money on its own professional development.

He next said that the taxpayer’s money was being misused, mishandled, and mismanaged by the school board.  He then pointed out that in the last month there have been 13 different breaks, early releases,  professional developments, and teacher work days in the Fairfax County Public Schools.  He then said that even progressive neighbor Montgomery County does none of this wasteful non-sense, which has resulted in Fairfax County students wasting and losing 20 hours or 3 days of classes compared to our neighbors, which puts our students and children at an economic and educational disadvantage.

He then said the FCPS and school board are also imposing a disruptive schedule on the parents and children.  And that teachers are eager to teach after the winter break and other holidays and snow days, and they and the students are being deprived.  Lastly he said that the school board should be wise and come up with flexible schedules to meet changing weather conditions, and adjust teacher work schedules to maximize the teaching of students.

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School Board Student Representative wants the Right to Vote on School Board Policies 

The school board student representative Tigler, has been impressive at the school board meetings when he speaks on non-political issues, violated his safety zone.   But at the Feb 7 FCSB meeting he violated his safety zone and went off the reservation by suggesting that students (who pay no taxes and are inelligable to vote in public elections) be given the opportunity to vote at school board meetings (like in Maryland) and dictate school policy.  So why not let underage students vote on the school board, because they already let criminals and illegal alients and dead people vote.  If you can’t believe it, watch for yourself at . 

One wonders what the students would vote for first in the schools: more vacation days and time off from school, lots of permissible sex from permissible books, more junk food in the public schools with more carcinogens?

FLECAC Meeting Reported to be Low Key for Once

One of our spies at the February 7 FLECAC (Mrs. Secret Agent 007) was happy to report that the FLECAC was non-eventful, and they did not introduce any new items like forced teaching of the latest sex practices of aliens from the planet of Trans-sexualtransylvania.   At least not this month.

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  • The next FCSB Meeting is scheduled for 7pm Thursday Feb 21 at Luther Jackson Middle School in Falls Church.  Please consider speaking or recruiting speakers.  
  • Help spread the word about the School Board Wasting Money to Rename Lee High School.   Don’t wait till CNN broadcasts the news, start telling your friends and neighbors now, specially if you know people in Lee District.  Have them contact the out of control school board members at  
  • Get involved in making phone calls and sending emails to Local and State Officials.   There’s lots of things going on right now at both the local and State level regarding legislation on the FLE, abortion, taxes, preserving historical monuments, etc.  Your input and efforts creates pressure on the politicians.  Let your voice be heard.

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