School Board Secretly Plotting to submit Amicus Brief to Force Males into Girl’s Locker Rooms


School Board Secretly Plotting to submit Amicus Brief to Force Males into Girl’s Locker Rooms

Recap of March 7, 2019 FCSB Meeting

By Ed Johnson

The March 7 Fairfax County School Board (FCSB) meeting can be watched in its entirety at .

FCPS School Board Meeting 3-07-2019

School Board Secretly Plotting to submit Amicus Brief for Sexually Confused Students

The first meaningful person to speak was a Fairfax County mother named Monique who gave the school board a tongue lashing at .

First she scolds the school board for their last minute secretive adding of an agenda item to advance sexual politics in the public schools.  She then calls them out for their outrageous attempts to use the taxpayers money and county public school system to submit an amicus brief to try to force psychologically confused people into the bathrooms, locker rooms and showers of the opposite sex, as it is simply beyond their scope (of education, medical expertise, and moral authority).

She then blasted them for their underhandedness, and states flatly to their faces that she hopes the November 2019 school board elections will bring in new elected officials who are actually committed to honest and transparency.

She also says she hopes the new school board candidates will prioritize the needs of the students over the selfish school board member’s own political ideology.

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Fairfax County School Students in School for Only 9 Days in January

The next speaker was a mother who complained about all the time the kids are not in school due to half days, teacher days, holidays, and snowdays.  It got so bad that the kids were in school only 9 days in January.  She said (besides reducing valuable classroom time for learning), it causes chaos and disrupts the consistent routines the students need to thrive.  She then gave several ideas to fix the problem (though getting rid of the current school board was not one of them, though the surest guaranteed fix).

Ironically, she was followed by a teachers Union rep who says besides needing even more money on top of their generous raise in 2020, they need even more time off from those pesky kids and to grade papers, et al.

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Student Silence is Construed as Support for the LGBT

The student rep Stigner (who at times is extremely likeable) spoke next and reinforced all the stress and strain many overworked Fairfax County students suffer, including many getting insufficient sleep due to truck loads of homework (beyond the State requirements). 

He then said he is so busy and deprived of sleep that he has not even had time to apply for any scholarships.  He then asked the school board to consider compensating him by giving him a scholarship. 

Lastly, he said as he goes around he sees all the students in support of the LGBT and begs to promote equality.  However, his version of equality means oppressing religious adherents, rape and sexual assault victims, girls being Title IX rights in sports, and people who simply just do not believe promoting sex ideologies and the sex industry are the purpose of public education institutions.

But it is apparent he believes this, because opposing students are silence, and he believes silence as consent.  This is what happens when students don’t speak up.


  • The next FCSB Meetings is scheduled for 7pm Thursday March 21 at Luther Jackson Middle School in Falls Church.  Please consider speaking on issues that are near and dear to you.  Speakers can sign up at .
  • Contact and Write the local school board and county board of supervisors to Voice Dissent.  Let the school board know you exist and provide them feedback on their poor management,  inverted priorities, or whatever you want.  (see  for contact info).

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