Sandy Evan’s Achieves Revenge for her Recall Petition by Blowing Up a Historic Park


Sandy Evan’s Achieves Revenge for her Recall Petition by Blowing Up a Historic Park

By Eric Johnson

The January 10 Fairfax County School Board (FCSB) Meeting can be watched in its entirety at .

FCPS School Board Meeting 01-10-19

What the World Needs Now is More Happy Faces

The first speaker of the night was a young  teacher named Jenni who spoke at .   

She said that she has created a wonderful new program called for students  called “I Care” that emphasizes the need for inclusion and acceptance.  The reason why she thinks its wonderful is that she gets to dictate to all the kids on what they get to include and not include.   If a kid cries because her “I Care” program conflicts with what her parents teach at home, she believes its her duty to impose her narrow minded beliefs on others til they conform to “I Care” because it’s the kind thing to do.  She also thinks its wonderful to sexualize children so as to not create negative stigmas (even though it’s a classroom and its illegal to engage in sex in the classroom, so why promote it in the schools). 

She then said that she likes having children tell others what would make their day happy, so they can build empathy with one another.   Sadly, Jenni does not want to ask the parents what would make their day happy.  She says we just need to teach kids more kindness, empathy, caring, and give out happy faces in order to stop school shootings.

Another speaker stated the same insipid gibberish but emphasized that it was part of creating “ethical and global citizens” (in a State county known for political corruption).   They said that we need to teach more love and understanding (instead of math, reading, and arithmetic), and that the FCPS have been a complete failure since its inception up until now without this revolutionary program that emphasizes love and understanding.

They then said the that the solution to all the world’s problems is to give out more and more happy faces.   And if the kids don’t want happy faces, then the “I Care” program should force the happy faces on the kids (and the world).  And they won’t be happy until they do. 

Teachers Union Confesses that the FCPS has been Going Downhill for the Past 10 Years

Tina, the local teachers union spoke with her fellow teachers in support at .   She complained that FCPS is receiving less State money due to lower FCPS enrollment numbers.   She says that despite all the fuzzy and twisted metrics and school board members bragging about how great and excellent the Fairfax County Public Schools are, she said the sad truth is the school system has been lagging behind in test scores for the last decade.  But she said the problem is not the school board and their inverted priorities, but that not enough money is being spent on the schools, starting with full funding (for teacher salaries).  She said everyone should support “RED for ED”.

She says the school board has been systematically defunding the schools the past 10 years.  She says northern Virginia is rich, and should open up those super fat wallets and gigantic bulging purses that carry  bank vaults.  

She says also on Monday January 28 thousand of them are going to March on the Virginia State Capitol and demand more money for schools.  (Several years ago, the FCSB auditor said that FCPS had a problem with unexplained teachers hours working on non-teacher related items. Hopefully, that is not the case on Monday January 28.  Otherwise, FCSB will have to fire another auditor for exposing the corruption.)

But one wonders that maybe instead of pay raises for teachers, the school board can just pay the teachers with happy faces.

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Sandy Evan’s Achieves Revenge by Blowing Up a Historical Public Park

As the informed know, several weeks ago a recall petition with sufficient number of signatures was submitted to recall disgraced and corrupt Mason District School Board Member Sandy Evans.  Three  things have happened since then, Sandy Evans announced she would not seek reelection (due to negative pressure from being the first person in Fairfax County History to ever be recalled).  The second is that she filed a motion to dismiss the recall petition based on a “technicality.”  The group filing the lawsuit has since placed their recall petition on hold until the Virginia General Assembly can address the ever changing requirements for petitions this Spring, thus preventing Sandy’s motion to dismiss on a technicality from being executed.

The third thing that happened is Sandy and her mean spirited associates in her political party on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors changed the name of the historic park named JEB Stuart Park (which was adjacent to JEB Stuart High School)  WITHOUT ANY PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT or attempting to solicit local community input.  This is typical of the lawless and unresponsive government that we have grown accustomed to in Fairfax County the last several years.

For those following the JEB Stuart High School Saga, proponents wanting to rename JEB Stuart High School said the reason Stuart was named after him in the 1950s was to protest racial desegregation in the 1950s.  However, this was proved false by numerous local historians, who pointed out not only was this false claim (as Northern Virginia was on the forefront of advancing civil rights of African Americans), but the reason the school was named after JEB Stuart was because it was a vital historical civil war site as the headquarters of the colorful and great US Cavalry General JEB Stuart, who fought for the Confederacy because he was loyal to his native state of Virginia first (just like almost everyone else in Virginia at the time).  And there was a big hype in the State at the time to celebrate the centennial of the Civil War, which had evolved into both sides burying the hatchet and celebrating the bravery of the many soldiers of family and communities who fought in the war for many different reasons.

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Erasing Local History and Keeping the Local Population Uneducated, Ignorant, and Ready to Repeat History

JEB Stuart Park (and Munson Hill) demarks the closest point the Confederacy ever got to the US Capitol in a high stakes game of determining whether US States can secede (as the Constitutional legality of secession was not known or determined at the time).  Lincoln said no, along with 5 slave states in the North, as well as 18 other states in the North, and they fought with the 13 States in the South for four bitter and brutal years to settle the question.   Despite the lack of fanfare, JEB Stuart Park and Munson Hill is very historical.

Besides JEB Stuart’s headquarters, and where numerous small skirmishes occured, the site was where Stuart received world recognition and acclaim for out foxing the North by using cut trees as “Quaker Guns” and creating illusions of superior forces with bon fires, which stalled the Union and allowed for the Confederates to build defenses in Centreville.  It was also later used as a Union Fort, where even President Lincoln visited.  (Imagine that, President Lincoln visited JEB Stuart High School area, but the school board is so ignorant they could care less.)

So it looks like Sandy’s disgrace of being recalled is being covered up by an attempt by her party apparatus  at the County Board of Supervisors to double down on her corrupt activities of ignoring her constituency and violating laws and regulations, and engage in a diabolical  political power play and rammed through another unwanted change on the local community (and tax payers) without any notification, discussion, input, and consent.  

And history be damned.  Just keep erasing American History and keep the local population ignorant.  Eventually they’ll believe the pyramids and northern Virginia was created by aliens from another planet.

Meanwhile, the minority of supporters who wanted JEB Stuart High School renamed against the larger community’s wishes have only raised a pathetic $94,000 over the past 15 months.  This means that the taxpayer is footing most of the One Million Dollar Bill to rename the school against the overwhelming majority of local residents.  Add on the money wasted in renaming a historic park.

And the teacher’s union complains about lack of money for teachers, while the pro-name change totalitarians refuse to take their happy faces and go home where they can be a menace to just their pets and plants.

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  1. The next FCSB Meeting is scheduled for 7pm Thursday January 24 at Luther Jackson Middle School in Falls Church. Speakers and videos are needed.  Signup is at

  2. Sign up to speak to give your opinion on the FY2020 Advertised FCPS Annual Budget on January 28.  The speakers list opens January 14 and closes January 25.  Signup is at  

  3. The next FLECAC Meeting is scheduled for 7pm Thursday February 7 at the FCPS HQ Building at 8115 Gatehouse Road in Falls Church (aka, the Crystal Palace).  Volunteers are needed to provide presence and to recording the FLECAC proceedings.  If you don’t think it can get worse than “Sex assigned at birth” just attend a FLECAC meeting and watch. and witness.

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