Democrats eliminating honors classes, pushing race-based policies in suburban education

Democrats eliminating honors classes, pushing race-based policies in suburban education

Nov. 02, 2019 - 6:16 - Reaction from Daily Caller investigative reporter Luke Rosiak and Virginia school board candidate Priscilla DeStefano.

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Oct 31, 2019

Honors classes, magnet schools under attack by Democrats in Fairfax County

By Matthew Truong

The Asian American community in Fairfax County is closely watching and is actively involved in the November 5th Fairfax County School Board election because the county’s school system is under attack by the Democrats who dominate the school board.

Asian Americans place a high value on education as they correctly see it as being the foundation of future success for their children.  They believe that success in school is due to hard work at school and at home doing homework assignments. Because of this hard work during and after school, many Asian American children score high marks on tests and many are placed in honors classes.  

Unfortunately,  honors classes and magnet schools are now under attack by Democrats who say there are too many Asians and whites in them!  What?? You heard right: Democrat school board members say they want to "reform" Thomas Jefferson High School because of too many Asian and white children in the student body. 

How to do this?  Well, Democrats want to bus high-achieving students away from their neighborhood schools (which they call "islands of excellence") and move them to poor-performing schools in order to provide "equity".  They mean equity in failure. They also want to eliminate honors classes…they call them "segregated schools-within-schools"… or install quotas decreasing the percentage of Asians and whites in honors classes. The Democrats also want to distribute top grades equally among the races, regardless of actual performance.  Really. This is like paying good auto mechanics the same as bad auto mechanics; another name for this is Communism. A third name is RACISM.   

The Democrat dominated school board wants to punish success unless everyone succeeds.  There is a thing called the “education gap”; nationally, Asian and Caucasian children, on average, score higher on standardized tests than do Latino and African American children.  Billions, if not trillions, have been hurled at this seemingly intractable gap over the past 3 decades without much change. So, if you can’t bring the bottom up, bring the top down.  In other words, since some children do not succeed in Fairfax County public schools, none should. It’s called lowering the bar so that more children score higher. Make the curricula “easier” so that everyone scores an ‘A’; problem solved!  Unfortunately, this is not the way the world works. Skill and a good work ethic are valued and rewarded while false “success” is not. Who wants to go to a dentist who got great marks in a “dumbed down” program. No, we all want the highly trained, intelligent, hard working dentist for ourselves and our families.  

In order to further their crazy agenda, the Democrats on the school board have adopted an "equity" initiative called "One Fairfax" that is similar to one in Seattle that teaches math is racist.  You can’t make this up. Of course this means bussing children across the county from schools they now live near to schools that may be across the county. Many people buy homes in neighborhoods that have “good schools” in  them and/or schools their children can safely walk to. But, our Democrat dominated school board has said it is not their job to care about the fact that home values in high-performing school districts will plummet because of this "reboundarying" or that children will have long daily journeys to their out-of-area schools.  The current school board is so intent on this lunacy that it made the unprecedented move of withdrawing their endorsement of Ilryong Moon, the Fairfax County school board's only Asian member, forcing him to leave the board. R-A-C-I-S-M, pure and simple.  

In case all this isn’t bad enough, the school board has established and mandated an 80-hour sex education curriculum, deceptively called Family Life Education, that introduces and instills many quite inappropriate  topics to unknowing students and unsuspecting parents. For example, high schoolers are told they can receive abortions without their parents’ knowledge.  

On October 27, nearly all Republican school board candidates met with American Chinese School parents in Herndon to explain that Republicans oppose racial quotes with the weakening of academic rigor and that they will fight for the rights of hard-working students to excel to the maximum of their abilities and be rewarded appropriately.

Luke Rosiak, a reporter with the Daily Caller News Foundation, discussed an article about how Democratic activists are seeking to implement race-based busing which would harm Asians and others at top-performing schools.

Cathy Ruse from the Family Research Council gave a special report on the current FLE that is harmful to the students. For example, FLE uses anal sex ten times in the materials to 10th graders, while faith based sex abstinence is ignored or omitted.

Please watch these videos showing the Democratic school board, in its own words, fighting for racial schemes that harm Asians, and considering scrapping honors classes (Advanced Academic Placement or AAP).

Please vote for these school board candidates at the November 5th Election Day in Fairfax County, Virginia.  Voters will be able to vote for 4 candidates: one representing his/her district and 3 county-wide, at-large members.  This is an extremely important election. Make sure to vote; your children’s futures may depend on it. 


Vinson Xavier Palathingal, whose platform is 'restore academic rigor'
Cheryl Buford
Priscilla DeStefano


Braddock: Zia Tompkins
Dranesville: Anastasia Karloutsos
Hunter Mill: Laura Ramirez Drain
Mount Vernon: Steven Mosley
Providence: Andi Bayer
Springfield: Elizabeth Schultz
Sully: Tom Wilson

(Video: Meeting Candidates for FCPS School Board, Board of Supervisors, and VA House of Delegates, at American Chinese School - Herndon, VA, 10/27/2019)

Last update: 10/31/2019

(Video: Meeting Candidates for FCPS School Board, Board of Supervisors, and VA House of Delegates, at Hope Chinese School - Tysons, VA, 10/06/2019)