Washington Redskins One Player Away from Winning the Super Bowl


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Washington Redskins One Player Away from Winning the Super Bowl


By Victor Mechlin 

Springtime is overwhelming, so this special edition recap is a double header containing the April 25 and May 9 Fairfax County School Board (FCSB) Meetings.  The April 25 FCSB Meeting can be watched in its entirety at https://youtu.be/Ypn5UmQZHzc , while the May 9 FCSB Meeting can be watched at https://youtu.be/88SCeKdwcWM . 

New Conservative Latino Mother Running for the School Board 

The most exciting news at the April 25 school board meeting was a new conservative school board candidate from Hunter Mill District (Republican - Laura Ramarez Drain) spoke on behalf of our important issues (See  https://youtu.be/Ypn5UmQZHzc?t=3793 ).  The astonishing part was she spoke 100% in Spanish, sending a strong message to the Latino community that they would not be ignored and taken for granted, nor exploited by the school board anymore.

One must confess unless they know Spanish, one has no idea what she said.  But one wishes they could see the faces of the arrogant school board members when they learn she is a conservative  running against them, and that Latinos make up 17% of the county and she is waking up Latinos that the school board has been exploiting behind their backs.

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FCPS Manhandles and Locks Up Student in Solitary Confinement 400 Times

A light hearted moment occurred when a young boy named Gupta spoke saying he hurt his hand and because the teacher would not accept his late homework assignment, so he is appealing to the school board (See https://youtu.be/Ypn5UmQZHzc?t=3257 ).  Later his father spoke and reinforced his son at the unreasonableness. 

A mother then spoke and claims that not enough is being done for special ed students and the physical restraining of troubled children is unfair and bigotry (even if they engage in violence, as it is just misunderstood innocent and harmless violence).  A father then followed her by saying special ed budget needs to be increased by billions and billions and billions of dollars.  Millions is too cheap.  Billions is where the action is at.

She then was followed by another school board candidate from Mount Vernon who complained about her own children being physically restrained in the class room.  She claims her child is innocent, just like the mothers do for children on death row.  One doesn’t know if its true, but the tear dramas at the school board is better than anything on TV. 


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Maybe she should get together with the last irrate speaker who’s autistic son has been restrained and locked in solitary confinement over 400 times by FCPS in three years (see https://youtu.be/Ypn5UmQZHzc?t=4943 ).  She says it’s a human rights crisis that her son has been restrained and placed in solitary confinement 400 times.  A normie watching this drama on TV might be thinking to themselves that a child restrained and confined 400 times might not be having so much problems, if the mother didn’t give him the genes.  Poor fellow.  One wonder what the teachers who have their class rooms interrupted 400 times think?  Where’s the Union rep when one needs one. 

Lastly, a woman spoke about cell phone electromagnetic frequency causing cancer and aliens to invade the earth (see https://youtu.be/Ypn5UmQZHzc?t=4352 ).  The larger problem is the school board doesn’t care about force girls to undress in front of boys, so cancer causing agents or earth ending aliens is the least of their concerns. 

Washington Redskins can Win the Super Bowl if they Recruit from the Fairfax County LGBTXYZ

As for the May 9 Meeting, the highlight should have been peace and gentle silence like a Spring time meadow full of flowers and butterflies, as this was the first year that FLECAC did not recommend anything controversial in their annual proposal.

Instead of golden silence, several LGBTXYZ activists spoke, gloated, and rejoiced in perverse celebration on the one year anniversary of the corrupt school board changing FLE (Sex Ed) from being based on science and biology to being based on anything one feels like whether the moon is full or not.

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A gigantic LGBTXYX activist wearing a dress and living in Reston spoke at the FCSB Meeting and bragged that because WWIII has not occurred since last years controversial FLECAC changes were made claiming baby doctors are wrong and people can become any one of 57 flavors of daffy ice cream they like, then its been a huge success (See https://youtu.be/88SCeKdwcWM?t=2928 ).  The giant behemoth then said LGBT are such tiny words so it is so helpful to spread them, wherever one can just like spreading flowers around the world (and manure).   

The giant behemoth next said “she” was trans, and many in her family were trans… (even though gender dysphoria is not genetic (as it is a psychiatric disorder) and any family preponderance indicates severe family dysfunction or worse).  Looking at him dressed up as a female, one has to lament what a waste of good linebacker.  The Washington Redskins would agree, and are thinking of recruiting him if they could convince the broad shouldered 300 pound giant to give up the high-heels in exchange for cleats.

Eventually another LGBTXYZ activist and FCPS teacher spoke about how they are victims (See https://youtu.be/88SCeKdwcWM?t=3604).   She wants boys to play with girl toys and then there will be peace and harmony in the world.  (And if that does not create world peace, then any type of sex activity will do it, and kids should be ready to explore all the possibilities)   She then says we are all a rainbow and rainbows can’t harm anyone (just like her belief in anything goes sex).


Lastly, Rigby (the brain-dead activist and LGBT leader) spoke again and complained he is a victim, and indirectly states males are the victims if young females don't undress in front of them or play sports with them.  His trite weekly routine would be funnier, if there were volunteers to counter his regular non-sense that is fabricated to give the school board political cover to the outrageous and dangerous.

FCPS’s Allowing Children to be Published on the Internet without Full Parental Notification

A very intelligent mom presented a video exposing how children’s photos and personal information is being shared on the internet by FCPS without parents permission and knowledge  (See https://youtu.be/88SCeKdwcWM?t=4108 ).  Just like the FLE (Sex Ed) she says parents are presented with opt out forms, but almost everyone in the county does not know what is going on and are being misled by the FCPS and FCSB.  Social media and twitter, etc., are not part of the school curriculum, so then why are the schools taking unnecessary risks without parental consent?


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  1. It is urgently that we find a school board candidate to run for Dranesville District in next 10 days.  The great news is we appear to be putting together a group of fantastic school board candidates for this Novembers election to replace the radical and demonic radicals on the school board.  However, the Dranesville District is one of the easiest districts for us to win (i.e. Great Falls and McLean), yet we don’t have a candidate.  The deadline for filing is closely approaching.  Please help in the search.  This is urgent.

  2. The next FCSB Meetings is scheduled for 7pm Thursday May 23 at Luther Jackson Middle School in Falls Church. Please consider speaking or recruit a friend or neighbor to speak to counter the kooks.


FCPS School Board Meeting 4-25-2019

Published on Apr 26, 2019

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