WARNING: Drug and Psychiatric Rehab Center Opening Next To McLean High School & Lewinsville Park

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WARNING: Drug and Psychiatric rehab center opening next to McLean High School & Lewinsville Park

Fairfax County is apparently allowing Monroe LLC to turn 3 adjacent single family homes into a large treatment center complex for Drug and Psychiatric conditions. It is disturbing that a commercial enterprise can clandestinely locate itself in the middle of a residential area, right next to McLean High School and Lewinsville Park. We are concerned about the safety of the school kids and the neighborhood. Please contact our elected officials to convey your concerns. See flyer for more info re the company and ways to voice your concerns. Thank you very much!

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"各位家长好!我今天打电话给学校,没有找到合适的人说这个事,打算周一再试一下 PTSA。同时,我们准备了一个 flyer。除了我上次贴的网上 complain,还可以按 flyer 里的地址写邮件 complain"

"康州那个 facility 是建在一个65-acre natural reserve。而 McLean 这个facility是在高中旁边,这么多人的地方,还有公共交通,真的很让人担心"



1. Property addresses
1620 Davidson Road, McLean, VA 22101
1622 Davidson Road, McLean, VA 22101
1624 Davidson Road, McLean, VA 22101

2. How to complain to the Fairfax County
(1) Complaint online

"Magisterial District" is Dranesville.

"Type of complaint" can be drainage related or specify your own value, e.g., safety concerns (I assume).

Complaints can be filed under your name or anonymously.

(2) Complaint by phone
Board of Supervisors: 7033560551
Zoning: 7033241399
Code Compliance: 7033241300

There are already complaints on the record.  Just ask them to add you to the complaints.





"哇,地址都出来了,一看,竟然一个公司在去年和今年初买了三栋相邻的豪宅开rehab center

1. Property addresses
1620 Davidson Road, McLean, VA 22101
1622 Davidson Road, McLean, VA 22101
1624 Davidson Road, McLean, VA 22101



"Rehab center 为啥开在富人区,富人吸毒多么"

"听说McLean高中有孩子不学好, 或者是Langley的,高中生吸毒. 以前是听说有钱人孩子高中吸毒. 富人的烦恼."

"Mclean,  Langley吸毒的孩子不少"

"賣毒的知道錢在那裹. 孩子也要注意, 蛇看爸媽不在時吃蛋."


Drug and Psychiatric Rehab Quietly Moving next to McLean HS

Monroe operations llc is quietly setting up a hugh 24 hour drug and psychiatric rehab facilities right next to Mclean H S at 1620, 1622 and 1624 Davidson Rd. Mclean. Neighbors are not being notified even though this will impact safety, schools and property values. Call your county officials before the licenses are a done deal


"我邻居从Corona Del Mar 搬来的。找到这家公司的背景 


"不知道抗议有没有效果。我在Vienna的老邻居来电话说老房子附近的房子也成了rehab center,周围邻居都抗议。可是county不管,因为是legal的。"

"说明这个地区有需求? 要不怎么选这么贵的地方"

"Big money making. Federal money is involved"

"学习了,可是为什么在McLean? 稍微偏一点,地便宜很多啊"

"My neighbor said she used to live on multi million dollar house in California.  When the drug rehab moved in, the house values dropped 20%"

"You have every reason to be alarmed and concerned. I live in Southern California where this has become a big problem."


"挺奇怪的,怎么这三个超大房子会几乎同时要卖,卖价特别高 $2.8M,$3.3M,$2.79M"



"老村民可能记得N年前,在Langley Shopping Center对面开了一家枪店,当时这边家长极力反对,中国的外国的所有的家长都上街游行示威了,声势浩大,就是没有阻拦住。最近发现那家店不见了,换了名字好像卖kitchen cabinet 什么的了。希望这些rehab也没有市场能够消亡"

"那家橱柜店卖高档custom kitchen cabinet design and remodeling .比枪店高大上多了。找他们做一套厨房装修的钱比装满一屋子的军火要贵。"




Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility

A residential treatment facility (RTF) is a facility or distinct part of a facility that provides to children and adolescents, a total, twenty-four hour, therapeutically planned group living and learning situation where distinct and individualized psychotherapeutic interventions can take place. Residential treatment is a specific level of care to be differentiated from acute, intermediate, and long-term hospital care, when the least restrictive environment is maintained to allow for normalization of the patient?s surroundings. The RTF must be both physically and programmatically distinct if it is a part or subunit of a larger treatment program. An RTF is organized and professionally staffed to provide residential treatment of mental disorders to children and adolescents who have sufficient intellectual potential to respond to active treatment (that is, for whom it can reasonably be assumed that treatment of the mental disorder will result in an improved ability to function outside the RTF) for whom outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization or protected and structured environment is medically or psychologically necessary


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