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RECAP OF JULY 12 FCSB MEETING: Boring School Board Meeting, but Circus Clowns provided entertainment at Public Hearing on School Safety


By Eric Johnson

Boring School Board Meeting


The June 28 Fairfax County School Board (FCSB) Meeting was largely uneventful and denoted by the rare exception that the pushing of radical sex practices on children was  for once not on the meeting agenda or being rammed through by the out of control school board (See the entire meeting on youtube at  ). 

FCPS School Board Meeting - July 12, 2018

During the public speaker portion of the meeting, several parents spoke on the need to take more action on behalf of special needs students.  Also, those interested in Good Governance may want to watch the presentation of the FY19 Audit Plan by FCPS Auditor General Esther Ko at .   The next school board meeting is on July 26 at 7pm.


Circus Clowns Entertained at the Public Hearing on School Safety


Maybe the reason why the school board meeting was so subdued and boring was that the usual circus clowns showed up instead at the Public Hearing on School Safety, which preceded the school board meeting by an hour. 


The school board public hearing was on the “Initial Funding Request for the Fairfax County Public Schools Internal Security Review Recommendations  and the full proceedings of the public hearing on Thursday July 12 can be watched at . 

FCPS School Board Public Hearing - July 12, 2018

Many of the comments by these circus workers are anti-gun, or attempt to prevent criminal activities by students to not be reported to proper authorities.  People should be very concerned that through steady gains and creep by progressives that Fairfax County has now adopted many of the same fertile policies and failures that occurred in the Broward County School Shooting in Florida this past year.  There were also several new school board candidates who spoke at the public hearing  in order to get name recognition and position themselves highly respectable clowns worthy of being on the school board.


Some of the questions one perhaps should be asking at the public hearing is “does the school board owe the public more engagement & stewardship to use money wisely with an explanation of how the money improves the safety and security of schools?


Why are not other options being considered and deployed to improve school safety and security of  190,000 children and 40,000 employees?


While more mental health professionals may be needed, how does this stop violent students when school officials are told not to report student crimes or when law enforcement officials fail to act on reports of threats?


The good news is that a second Public Hearing on the subject will be offered on Tuesday July 17 at 5:30pm, and those who are interested in school safety and one can sign up to speak by calling the School Board Office at 571-423-1075.




  1. Please consider signing up to speak at the 5:30pm July 17 Public Hearing on “Initial Funding Request for the Fairfax County Public Schools Internal Security Review Recommendations.”  Speakers are given 3 minutes and can register to speak by calling ) can sign up to speak by calling the School Board Office at 571-423-1075 .
  2. Also, please let us know if you are interested in joining an email list dedicated to tracking and taking action on “School Safety” related issues in FCPS.   There currently is no group in existence to countering the advocacy of other activists who manipulate the school board and school system to their likings and abuses.

    Such “School Safety” related issues may regularly discussed and tracked by the email group may include: active shooters, MS-13 gangs, drugs and crimes, restorative justice fallout, boys in girls bathrooms, bullying of conservatives, etc.  The purpose of such a group may also include doing outreach to coordinate with different Law Enforcement Officer groups, 2nd Amendment Groups, and Teacher Safety groups to get more people involved to fight back.

    Joining the email group does not mean a commitment of any time, but just recognize that nothing improves without somebody contributing time and effort.                                                                                                                                                        
  3. Efforts are underway to Identify and Organize School Board Candidates to run this next year and to clean up the corruption on the Current School Board  If you are interested in running for the school board or helping out in any capacity (money or volunteer on campaigns), please let us know so we can help facilitate and coordinate with the right people.
  4. The next FCSB Meetings is on July 26 at 7pm.  Speakers and videos are welcomed (see for signup) .


RECAP OF JUNE 28 FCSB MEETING: Fairfax County School Board Banditos Strike Again and Rob Children of Truth and Innocence

By Eric Johnson

The June 28 Fairfax County School Board (FCSB) Meeting was denoted by a large vocal group of parents and citizens that spoke out against the recent FLE (Sex Ed) changes approved by the school board that included teaching children that they can change their sex if they feel like it, that marriage is irrelevant and provides no benefit to children and society, that abstinence is not 100% effective, and anal sex is just another form of sex that can be fully realized by using the unsafe and unreliable drug called PrEP.


It also became a contest among speakers to come up with the best name to describe the out of control school board, which included calling them to their face that they were "uncaring, lawless, religious bigots, exploitive, unwise, cruel, evil, and high priests of the insane culture."  The school board renaming contest can be watched in its entirety at .

FCPS School Board Meeting - June 28, 2018

School Board Caught Violating Numerous Laws (Again)

A concerned citizen named Alan spoke at and pointed out that when the school board recently approved the teaching of the fake science of sex assigned at birth, they violated numerous laws including Virginia Board of Education Statute B.11, which requires “medically accurate” instruction in the public schools.  He also said it was irresponsible to introduce false propaganda into an academic environment dedicated to higher learning, as well as to inject falsehoods into medical fields where the rest of us rely on scientific and biological truth for life saving measures.

He then said that the School Board and School System, also violated Virginia Board of Education Statue 1.B that requires  “Broad-based Community Involvement” when they rigged the FLECAC with homogeneous “religious bigots” who voted to ban “clergy” from the FLE program, as well as willfully ignored the 8 to 1 margin of public comments that were against them teaching the scientifically and medically inaccurate information that people can choose a sex based on feelings. 

He then pointed out that their 80 hour sex ed program exceeds the Virginia State Guidelines, and by automatically enrolling children without the full disclosure of the controversial content in the FLE (Sex Ed) program and obtaining parental informed consent violates the Rights of Parents established by Virginia Code 1-240.1.

He then illustrated that their shabby efforts to inform the public at the chaotic start of the school year is negligent, and even more so exploitive of the 50% of Fairfax County that is now Latino, Asian, Muslim American, and other ethnic minorities that have language, customs, and communication barriers, and have no idea what is being taught in the FLE (Sex Ed) or that they can opt out.

He then ridiculed the school board that claims parental permission is an near impossible task, when parental permission is required for everything from school field trips to signing up for musical instruments, but not 80 hours of controversial sex ed.

Is School Board Evil, on the Highway to Hell, or just High Priests of the Insane Culture?

While some debate the legality and lawlessness of the school board, a concerned grandfather named Fred has concluded that they are evil, on the highway to hell, and the High Priests of an Insane Culture (See  ). 


He said that just like sharks go into a feeding frenzy, the school board is in a sex frenzy to push their harmful sex ideology on 180,000 students.  He stated they are replacing love, commitment, and sex with a perverted version of hedonistic depersonalized self gratification.


He next accused them of false science in their stating that abstinence is not 100% effective and sex is based on feelings and not biology.  He said they contradicted the teachings of parents and scientists, and are diabolical in trying to hide the harmful content from the parents who are left uninformed.  Lastly he said they are attempting to turn the world upside down for everyone else to suffer, only to make a few confused children feel happy in their delusional state of denial.


They school board seemed to look away and shrug their shoulders in indifference, as they discounted Fred’s single vote and lack of financial contribution toward their reelection campaigns.


Progressives Oppose Students Drinking Alcohol, but Not Harmful Sex


A concerned father named John spoke at and challenged the school board and school systems false claim that they are helping children make healthy life choices.    He said the purpose of his group is to help parents navigate the 80 hours of sex ed offered and help to identify all the material that does not help children make healthy life choices (including physical and emotional well-being). 


He then pointed out that the school board justly supports the 13,000 students in 9th grade from being taught to drink alcohol, but then encourages through permissibility these same 13,000 students to engage in harmful and reckless sex (including anal sex which he said is extremely harmful to the body, and 30 times more dangerous to HIV and HPV infections than any other form of sex, and which condoms have high failure rate).


Fairfax County Schools Creating Victims and Unhappy Children


A concerned citizen named Andrea spoke and was warned by the FCSB Chair not to say anything inappropriate as children may be in the audience (even though they do not hesitate to secretly teach such inappropriate things to young children in the classroom behind the parents back).   Watch the attempt to intimidate the concerned citizen at  .


Instead the woman told the school board of her compelling story growing up with a severe handicap, where she was teased, bullied, harassed, neglected, and abused.  She welcomed the love and support of people who saw her for whom she was, and learned to ignore the many who even hated her.


However, rather than make herself into a victim, she grew strong in character and rejected the notion of other people defining who she was and that she needed to be dependent on others for approval and her outcome in life and happiness.


School Board Creating Cognitive Chaos and Cruelty Among Children

A mother named Kathleen spoke at and stated that subjecting  young developing children to suggestive ideas and coercive persuasion like gender identity in the public schools not only confuses them, but leads to cognitive chaos.


She then tried a new technique in trying to reach out to the school board by asking them a series of questions to see if they were capable of any critical thinking.  


How does the FLE (Sex Ed) create a caring culture by dehumanizing and de-sexing children by telling them they may not be male or female as their parents and doctors have told them?


How does the FLE (Sex Ed) create a caring culture by driving a wedge between what the parents teach at home and believe, and what the school system contradicts in their radical programs (i.e., parents are now the bad guys)?


How does the school system justify teaching young developing children that they may be the opposite sex? 


The mother apparently gave up after this last question in  frustration after believing the school board was hopeless and beyond redemption, and just blurted out that the answer " it is Cruel” to teach young children the false reality that they may be the wrong sex.


FCPS Transgender Consultant provided Exclusive “Verbal Sole Source Contract”


A father named Mike spoke at on the need to spend public educational funds wisely.   He then provided the stunning revelation that the “Transgender Consultant” that was hired 3 years ago was originally given an exclusive “verbal sole source contract.”  The mysterious background of the hiring of the transgender consultant, the contract and scope, money paid, and the deliverables has never been fully explained or accounted by the school board or school superintendent.  (Just write those blank checks and sign invisible contracts with a wink and nod).


Instead the public got a poorly written  “Transgender Regulation” that forced “Boys into the Girls Bathrooms and Locker Rooms” and attempted to force “Pronouns” on children through coercion of threat of suspensions in order to satisfy the delusions of the sexually confused. 


The regulation written by the consultant also negligently omitted any consideration of female rape victims carrying trauma, special needs students, female athletes, and half of the county that are strict religious adherents.  The paper written by the mystery consultant and paid for by taxpayers was so bad that it had to be suspended within a couple of weeks due to public outrage.


Mike also revealed that former Superintendents Garza and Jack Dale are now on the Board of Directors of a vendor doing business with the county, and that contracting office should take special consideration and review against appearances of conflicts of interests and favoritism in awarding contracts based on social networking.


He said that that these actions and others, like their recent ignoring of an avalanche of public comments against their FLE changes, just build public distrust and frustration with regards to government abuses.


A New Video Exposes Religious Bigotry in FCPS


A new video presented at the school board meeting by a mother named Monique can be watched at .  Her powerful video exposes that the FLECAC (Sex Ed Committee) voted 19 to 4 in favor of removing “clergy” from the FLE “sex ed” (while adding sex assigned at birth and PrEP advocacy).  She also included the actual stunning recording of a member on the FLECAC making bigoted statements against the religious community.  


Lastly, she illustrated that the school board ignored 1,300 comments submitted with an avalanche 8 to 1 of them against the school board’s radical changes, and this was a 10 fold increase from the previous year.  She said the school board members are out of control because they are out of touch with the community (specially parents), and make no efforts to listen or engage or learn or understand others (except their own group think).  She then thanked school board members Willson and Schultz for standing up for the voices and rights of the parents.


After the video, the school board Chair clarified that they kept Clergy in the FLE (but it does not remove the fact that the FLE was rigged and loaded with religious bigots and the school board and system allowed it to happen in the past, present, and future (as they are not doing anything to fix the problem)).


The one man army of Rigby (aka, the LGBT super activist who speaks at every school board meeting like a regular coo coo clock) then spoke in a video saying that there is no religious bigotry anywhere, because LGBT and their friends can be found in all religions and ethnicities (even Muslims love and welcome the LGBT). He also inferred that the record number of comments of 8 to 1 against the FLE (Sex Ed) changes were not from Fairfax County (and really Russian Bots on loan from Trump).  




1)    The next two FCSB Meetings are on Thursday July 12 and July 26 at 7pm.  Speakers and videos are welcomed (see for signup) .

2)    Please email and meet with the 10 regressive school board members who voted for the radical FLE (Sex Ed) changes and rigged the FLECAC with religious bigots.  Be polite and respectful (as much as possible).

3)   Have a Happy 4th of July Celebration with your family and friends.


Fairfax Co. school district passes proposals to modify sex ed, dress codes

By John Domen

FALLS CHURCH, Va. — The Fairfax County School Board passed a proposal to change the school district’s dress code to gender-neutral language and adopt a more inclusive sex education curriculum.

Fairfax County School Board members heard the proposals Thursday. A special panel appointed by the board and made up of teachers and administrators designed the proposed sex education curriculum.

The change that drew the most scrutiny was the proposal to change the term “biological sex” to “sex assigned at birth.” It spawned hours of debate and testimony for and against the proposal that drew upon religion, science and emotion from those on both sides of the argument.

Supporters like Rev. Deborah Heffner, a Unitarian minister in Reston, say it’s more inclusive of LGBTQ and transgender students.

“Sex assigned at birth is not a made-up phrase by any political organization, it is not a part of some agenda, and it is certainly not designed to distort science or lead young people away from it,” said David Aponte, who chairs an LGBTQ advisory group in Northern Virginia.

Parents of transgender kids expressed their support for the change too, with one set of parents saying their daughter wasn’t transgender “because she just wants to be a girl … or because she learned about it in the (Family Life Education program).”

Critics say it would promote transgender issues and contraceptives instead of abstinence.

“Biological sex is the medically and biologically accurate term to use when referring to a person’s sex, which includes chromosomes, hormones and internal and external reproductive organs. A person’s sex is not something that is assigned at birth or otherwise. It is established at conception,” argued Hope Wojciak. “This is what students are taught in biology classes and should remain consistent throughout the curriculum.”

Many critics sent emails to the board asking members to reject the changes as phrases such as “sex assigned at birth” are ideological.

“These recommendations imprison students in half-truths and lies. Biological sex is not a mistake, it’s not a stigma, it’s not a choice,” argued Laura Bryant-Hanford, who said the proposal was “like saying some kids are colorblind so we’re going to teach kids that color does not exist.”

Ahead of the vote, board member Thomas Wilson lamented that the advisory committee that proposed the changes being adopted was composed of “numerous committee members who are openly hostile to people of faith.”

Wilson was one of two board members to step away from the table when it came time to vote.

Changes to the dress code

Also in the proposal was a change to strike out a significant chunk of language from the current dress code that board members worried led to too many instances of body shaming of female students.

Conceding that the wording may not be as precise as it should be, the board overwhelmingly voted to strike wording that banned outfits with “low cut necklines that show cleavage” and outfits deemed “otherwise sexually provocative.” However, wording was retained banning outfits that “expose an excessive amount of bare skin.”

Board member Ryan McElveen said most of the students’ concerns are about the dress code, “not student stress, not mental health, not over-testing, not school food.” He noted that most of the unease comes from female students and he has heard of incidents of “body shaming” for more than a decade.

Elizabeth Schultz, who represents the Springfield district, worried the changes will only add to the confusion.

“The nebulous nature of ‘You can’t show too much skin … ’ Well, what is too much?” asked Schultz.

McElveen shared stories that documented students who were embarrassed by school administrators and staff for their attire.

Schulz argued that those instances “(point) to a professional development piece that has to do with how our administrators are trained to talk and work with kids.”

The new policy also mandates that students be approached for discussions about their clothing in private and in a way that “maintain[s] the dignity of the student.”

“The most critical part of changing our dress code will be the training that comes with it,” said McElveen.

The proposal passed 10-0.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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