Liar Liar -- who is the liar in the 10th District GOP race?

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Liar Liar -- who is the liar in the 10th District GOP race?

By Patricia Phillips

Liar, Liar!

Who's the Liar?

In the GOP 10th Congressional District Primary

A political smear tries to damage someone's reputation by false accusations (lies).  It is also assaults the voters’ right to know the truth about the candidate.

Smears damage the soul of the attacker, the perceived character of the target, and political discourse in our Republic. Smears, and those who make them, should never be tolerated. 

Right now, Shak Hill is being subjected to a massive smear campaign by Barbara Comstock.

We don’t expect honesty from Democrats, but we have to demand it from our Republican candidates. The Republican Primary is less than two weeks away (Tuesday June 12, 2018). Do your own research (starting below) and then ask yourself this -- Irrespective of policy issue differences or supposed "elect-ability in November" fears, can you morally support Barbara Comstock when she has chosen to personally smear Shak Hill in such an ugly way?  Is she that desperate to win? 

I had previously endorsed Shak because I differ with Barbara on policy and issues -- which sadly are many as I have been a genuine Reagan conservative all my life.

Today I am moved, even compelled from a moral perspective to condemn her smearing of Shak Hill as more a reflection of how this terrible decision shows the self destruction of Barbara's character.

In the interest of truth -- please read for yourself and pass this along. 

Shak Hill's response to Comstock's attacks:  Click here. 

Hill discusses Comstock's attack on WMAL (runs about 10 minutes) 
Click here

Barbara Comstock's accusations: 
Click here.  Her radio ads include Barbara saying "I approved this message".  

Check it out for yourself.  I did, and I was so disgusted with how Comstock is misrepresenting the truth (lying) I am moved to let everyone I know, know what I found out.  

For Liberty,  

Patricia Phillips

Please forward to people you know in the 10th district. 

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