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Washington Academy

New SAT Preparation

Washington-Academy is offering New SAT prep class.

Class Start Date: 01/23/2016

Class location: Reston VA


Highly Qualified and Experienced New SAT Prep Teacher;

Fully customized to meet each student’s individual needs;

Washington-Academy will help you succeed on the New SAT Exam


Contact information:

Tel: 703-587-4268



INSTRUCTOR BIO (English): Mr. Morhan, 28 years in the field of education, 2 Masters Degrees in Education and Linguistics. Harvard University and University of Pennsylvania Ancient Language specialist, English Teacher, Writer, Editor, Published author, Chinese-English Dictionary editor, College Application mentor, specializing in writing the ESSAY, experienced SAT English instructor.

INSTRUCTOR BIO (Math): Mr. Chen has 16 years of experience teaching math both in a classroom setting and as a private tutor. He has 2 master's degrees in applied mathematics and compute science. Mr. Chen has taught students of all levels and specializes in preparing students for the PSAT/SAT in math. All of his students have improved their test scores significantly. Mr. Chen's daughter scored perfect scores on both the PSAT and SAT, and was recently accepted by Yale for the class of 2016.

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