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Taiji Practice at Riverbend Park

According to the feedback of different people, our Saturday Taiji practice time is set between 8am and 11am. Group practice and exchange of 24 Simplified Form begin at 9am. Time before 9am is for self practice.  After 10am, it is for the exchange of other Taji or Qigong forms and techniques. Individuals are free to choose their own arrival and departure time. This is not a Taiji class.

8am - 9am: Self Practice
9am - 10am: Group Practice and Exchange of 24 Simplified Form
10am - 11am: Exchange of Other Taiji Forms and Techniques

Individuals are free to come and go at any time. 

Please note: Taiji is a form of physical exercise and martial art. As any form of physical exercise and martial arts, there are certain risks involved. Everyone practices at his/her own risk. The organizers, coordinators or volunteers are not responsible for any injury or other damages.

For more information, please contact: 

Wenming Kuai 

Last update: 07/27/2015