Virginia Police Benevolent Association Endorses John Adams

Friend -
I wanted to make sure you saw this. The Virginia Police Benevolent Association (PBA) has endorsed John for attorney general. 

This is a crucial endorsement for our campaign because, in 2013, the PBA endorsed Mark Herring. Four years later, it's clear that Herring hasn't lived up to his campaign promises and has politicized the office to pursue his own agenda. 

Joseph Woloszyn, President of the Virginia Police Benevolent Association said: 
“We need an attorney general who will take public safety seriously and be a steadfast partner with our members – the thousands of police officers who put their lives on the line each day to keep Virginia safe. That is why we are supporting John Adams this year. John’s background in public service as a Naval officer and federal prosecutor has prepared him to effectively lead on public safety from the attorney general’s office. We look forward to working closely with him as our next attorney general.”
John responded to the PBA's endorsement saying: 
“As attorney general, I will take action to ensure that our law enforcement community has the resources they need to keep Virginia’s children and communities safe.”
With violent crime rising across Virginia, and gangs infiltrating our schools and communities, we need a new attorney general who has the support of our law enforcement community and will prioritize public safety more than ever. 
Support from the PBA and the extensive list of sheriffs who have endorsed John for attorney general solidify him as the candidate who will work with law enforcement to keep Virginians safe. 

Join the 4,700+ law enforcement officers who are part of the Virginia PBA and show your support for John today. You can sign up here to volunteerdonate today, or like John on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.
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Nick Collette
Campaign Manager

2017 Virginia Attorney General's Debate - Virginia Beach

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Republican John Adams and Democrat Mark Herring engage in a spirited debate at the oceanfront Sheraton in Virginia Beach at the first general election debate for the Office of Attorney General in Virginia. The debate was hosted by the Young Lawyer's Committee of the Virginia State Bar Association and moderated by Barbara Hamm Lee of WHRO's "Another View."

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