(VA) Mark Herring gave backdoor pay raises to selected staff in his office

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John has been talking a lot lately about what Mark Herring did with funds received from a Medicaid fraud investigation into Abbott Laboratories. It was unacceptable and you deserve to know what happened.
While other states earmarked the money for public schools, to lower health care costs, invest in mental health treatment, or fund consumer protection, Herring gave backdoor pay raises to selected staff in his office – including his former campaign manager, as well as a former lobbyist who, prior to joining the Attorney General's office, "schmoozed lawmakers and regulators for corporate clients" according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.
He did this by finding an unacceptable workaround to Department of Justice rules—which generally prohibit settlement money from being used for salaries—to give 16 employees in the attorney general’s office raises of more than 20% at a time when state employee salaries were stagnant. Even Herring’s former lobbyist received a nearly 10% bump in his compensation. Talk about a "shady practice," which theRichmond Times-Dispatch called it back in January.
This is money that should have gone back to the state and used for the public good. For example, since Herring took office, fatal opioid overdoses have increased 66 percent. As attorney general, John would have put this money toward combating the heroin and opioid crisis we are facing here in Virginia, which is getting worse, not better.
And with violent crime rising across Virginia, and gangs infiltrating our schools and communities, we need a new attorney general who will make these critical issues a top priority.
Unlike Herring, John will not pursue a political agenda. He will defend the laws you pass through your elected representatives in the General Assembly, not cherry pick which ones he will defend based on a partisan ideology.
We have less than 90 days to go until Election Day. John is working hard, meeting with voters every day across Virginia. If you’re interested in getting involved, you can sign up here to volunteer, donate today, or like John on Facebook and follow him on Twitter
We look forward to working alongside you and turning Virginia red on November 7th.
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Nick Collette
Campaign Manager

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