National Right to Life Committee: Our Endorsement for Virginia Governor

The National Right to Life Committee is pleased to endorse Ed Gillespie for Governor of Virginia.

Ed is a strong advocate for life. He supports pro-life legislation and, like 61% of Americans, opposes the use of taxpayer funds for abortions. He is a strong proponent of foster care and adoption policies to care for some of the most vulnerable among us. 
Our endorsement reflects Ed’s commitment to strengthening a culture of life in Virginia and throughout the nation. We look forward to working with him to protect the most vulnerable members of the human family -- unborn children and medically dependent or disabled persons, whose lives are threatened by abortion or euthanasia. 
We encourage all voters who are concerned with the right to life and with the protection of the most vulnerable members of the human family to vote for Ed Gillespie in the Republican primary on Tuesday, June 13th.
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David O’Steen, PhD
Darla St. Martin
National Right to Life Committee

Ed Gillespie

Twitter: @EdWGillespie,
Campaign Contact:  Michael Cogar, 

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Ed Has the Firsthand Experience to Lead | Ed Gillespie for Governor

Have you heard that the Democrats running for Virginia Governor - Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam and Congressman Tom Perriello - want to undo Virginia’s long-standing Right to Work laws and make us a forced unionization state?

It’s absolutely shocking and it shows exactly what’s at stake in this election.

Click here to add your name and say NO to forced unionization in Virginia.

Our state and our economy just can’t afford the consequences of eliminating our Right to Work laws. It will make Virginia less attractive to businesses to move to or invest in the Commonwealth. It will make it harder for Virginia-based businesses to grow and hire new employees. Some employers may even leave for states that don’t have forced unionization.

Governors in neighboring states like Tennessee and Kentucky have said that if Virginia loses its status as a Right to Work state, it will be boon to their own economic development efforts.

This is a direct consequence of radical, out-of-state liberals like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren getting involved in Virginia’s governor’s race. They want to punish job creators, raise taxes, and grow their union allies.
How far out of touch are Ralph Northam and Tom Perriello? Neither Terry McAuliffe, Tim Kaine, nor Mark Warner have ever proposed forced unionization here in Virginia. And Virginia would be the first state in the nation to undo Right to Work protections as others have been becoming right to work states, like Missouri, Kentucky and West Virginia recently have.

It’s unthinkable -- we can’t afford it -- but Tom Perriello and Ralph Northam want to make it a reality.

Thanks for your help.

Ed Gillespie

P.S. If you’re surprised by this news it’s because the mainstream media in Virginia refuses to cover the radical, out-of-touch platforms of the Democrats running for governor. They want to see Virginia turn into another northeast state with an economy hampered by organized labor. Please, add your name to ensure that doesn’t happen.

(VA) Ed Gillespie: My plan for job creation

Ed's Plan for Job Creation Explained| Ed Gillespie for Governor

I’m proud to share with you my latest major policy: The ‘Removing Barriers to Job Creation for ALL Virginians’ Plan.

Virginia’s economy is struggling. In 2014, we fell to the bottom ten states for economic growth.

Read Ed’s complete plan for job creation here

For too long, Virginia governors have had a near singular focus on trying to lure Fortune 100 companies to move their headquarters lock, stock, and barrel into Virginia -- a strategy referred to as “whale hunting.”

While I will be a relentless marketer of Virginia all across the country and all across the globe, I will also work to reorient our economic development strategy toward more natural, organic growth through small business formation and the expansion of existing businesses in Virginia.

The sweet spot of job creation is when a small business in Virginia is becoming a bigger business. I know the key to long-term, sustainable job creation, and diversification of Virginia’s economy lies in unleashing entrepreneurs, innovators, and small business owners.

Virginia is the 11th most broadly and onerously licensed state. We have the eighth most burdensome licensing laws nationwide. Virginia’s regulatory code consists of 24 titles comprised of over 32,000 unique sections of text. As of 2016, it contained 8.8 million words and 133,094 restrictions.

That’s just too much. 

As governor, I will,
  • stand up for Virginia and its job creators, 
  • reform our regulatory climate, 
  • update occupational licensing, and 
  • streamline business formation.

Click here to read the complete plan on my website.


Ed Gillespie

Ed sat down with ABC 8 News’ Evanne Armour to talk about his vision for Virginia.

Ed Gillespie is a strong supporter of Virginia’s right-to-work laws. Unfortunately for Virginia, Democrat candidates for governor Tom Perriello and Ralph Northam have put into question the future of right-to-work in the Commonwealth.

“Right-to-work” means that an individual cannot be compelled to join a union as a condition to get or keep a job or be required to pay for any part of the cost of union representation.

Virginia’s right-to-work laws have been on the books since 1947 – celebrating 70 years this year. Virginia is currently the northernmost right-to-work state on the east coast.

Right-to-work, without question, is important for Virginia’s economy. As governor, Ed Gillespie will defend Virginia’s right-to-work laws.


“I will lead a more efficient, service-oriented state government with a smaller, more fairly compensated workforce to serve ALL Virginians.”

– Ed Gillespie

Whiteboard: A Government that Works for ALL Virginians| Ed Gillespie for Governor


The Governor of Virginia is the chief executive officer of the Commonwealth, responsible for the management and day-to-day oversight of its departments, agencies, workforce and services. For too long, Virginians have seen leadership that is more focused on ceremonial duties, international travel and national politics rather than the business of Virginia. Virginians deserve a chief executive officer who is focused on management, not Sunday shows and partisan rallies.

As governor, Ed Gillespie will serve Virginians as an effective and prepared manager – focused equally on leadership and management.

Virginians are fortunate to have thousands of good people serving in our state workforce dedicated to helping their fellow citizens, but too often red tape hinders their ability to do so. We must do more to recognize, reward and retain our state employees so they can better deliver for the people of Virginia.

Our state workforce is now facing a retirement cliff. A recent headcount reported that there are 98,237 full-time executive branch salaried employees in Virginia. A recent presentation from the Department of Human Resources Management (DHRM) reported that, “the workforce is aging, early to mid-career employees are leaving at the fastest rate, compensation on average is well below market.” Our state government could manage each of these challenges individually as it does now, but when combined these challenges demand new leadership and a fresh approach to the state workforce and its organization and compensation.

Our state agencies operate in silos, holding back workers from best serving the people, families and communities of the Commonwealth. Ed Gillespie will reorient government to solve Virginia’s problems, demand evidence-based solutions, right-size our government to better steward taxpayer dollars and incentivize our state government workforce to be more responsive to our needs.

Good government is not just about savings and efficiencies – it is about people. When government errs the consequences are real. From education to public safety to mental health, government has the ability to help people and communities thrive. Good government matters to Virginians.

For too long now, program and funding decisions have been awarded or evaluated based on who had the most effective spokesperson, who offered the shiniest brochure or having “always done it this way.” We have to be better. Ed Gillespie will institute a best-in-class system of rewarding performance and results for all Virginians. It will take time, discipline and a commitment from government leaders, but if implemented alongside hardworking Virginia public servants, we will succeed.

Ed’s experience starting and running businesses in the private sector, managing a large White House staff and chairing a national party with a complex organizational structure will help make him an effective chief executive officer as our governor.

Ed Gillespie's Tax Cut for ALL Virginians | Ed Gillespie for Governor

Our first TV ad of the campaign is now airing across Virginia. Like Ed and our campaign, it’s positive and focused on the issues.
Click here to watch the ad, which highlights Ed’s plan to cut individual income tax rates for ALL Virginians by 10%:
This ad will let all Virginians know about the benefits of Ed’s plan to cut Virginia’s tax rate for the first time in 45 years, including
  • Almost $1,300 more in disposable income for an average family of four
  • Over 53,000 new, full-time, private sector jobs
  • More than $300 million in new investments in Virginia’s economy

Voting is already under way for the Republican primary so this message comes at a critical time. Be on the lookout for the ad and make sure you have a plan to vote in the primary.

Ed Gillespie for Governor 


Learn about Ed & his family's story | Ed Gillespie for Governor