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NiHao Learning Center

Revolutionizing Chinese Learning in America

1340 Old Chain Bridge Road., Suite 203
McLean, VA 22101

Tel: (571)-303-9564

NiHao Learning Center is a full immersion Chinese school that focuses on children’s education ages 5 through 12. We offer after school, evening and weekend Mandarin Chinese and math classes. By offering American students the opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese and math in a full immersion education environment, we firmly believe it will give American students the edge to compete, work and thrive in a globalized world. We can prepare them to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Our Community Goals

NiHao Learning Center improves the Chinese language and study skills of students by providing appropriate programs and courses. The course provides students with the Chinese cultural knowledge and awareness. The course’s goal is to bring American students to an equal earning power of their Asian brothers and sister in this increasing, competitive globalized world. We support small class group setting with an emphasis on self-paced learning. Where the primary focuses are language skills and math fundamentals so that the fully American bilingual child will learn the Chinese traditional ethos in a fun environment. Nihao Learning Center prepares students to take the YCT or HSK, translated as the Chinese Proficiency Test. These tests are administered by Hanban, an agency of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. It is equivalent to the TOEFL that foreigners take in the US. In the future, if your child decides to study overseas or apply to schools in China, they will already have the language ability to do so. The different way that Chinese children are taught from Americans varies significantly. Since Chinese students are known to score higher on international standardized tests, American students will benefit learning from them.

Why become a bilingual

There's a well-established positive relationship between basic thinking skills and being a fully proficient bilingual who maintains regular use of both languages. Fully proficient bilinguals outperform monolinguals in the areas of divergent thinking, pattern recognition, and problem solving. Bilingual children develop the ability to solve problems that contain conflicting or misleading cues at an earlier age, and they can decipher them more quickly than monolinguals. When so doing, they demonstrate an advantage with selective attention and greater executive or inhibitory control. Fully proficient bilingual children have also been found to exhibit enhanced sensitivity to verbal and non-verbal cues and to show greater attention to their listeners' needs relative to monolingual children. Further, bilingual students display greater facility in learning additional languages hen compared with monolinguals.

“We have a lot of ground to make up if we are to equip our students with the necessary language tools to engage with the world's second-largest economy. While China boasts more than 300 million English-language learners, there are only 200,000 K-12 Mandarin language learners here in the U.S. Further, English classes are mandatory for Chinese K-12 students, but less than 0.4 percent of American K-12 students are currently studying Mandarin.”_ US News Magazine

Last update: 02/27/2018