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Posted On 12 Jul 2017

By School Patrol

Fifteen concerned parents, grandparents, and taxpayers stormed the Public Hearing sponsored by the Virginia Board of Education on June 27 who traveled to Fairfax County to obtain feedback on education related issues. And wow, did they get an earful and lesson on all the problems in the Fairfax County Public Schools as created by the out-of-control majority on the school board.

Dog Excrement now the Standard of Excellence in Education in Fairfax County Public Schools

The first speaker was a Mad Dad named David who told the Board he and his wife were just another overworked, financial struggling family just trying to survive, but did not feel or see a need to intervene in the public schools until the May 2015 decision rammed through in two short weeks without an impact analysis or waivers in allowing males into girls bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers.

Upon investigation of how such an ill-conceived and hasty decision could be made, he met other parents and citizens who shared there are many problems hidden from the public with regards to the health, safety, environment, and quality of the schools being created by a reckless and out-of-control school board.

He then exemplified the severity of the problem of age inappropriate material to the Virginia Board of Education by providing excerpts from a book called Dog Man (see sample from book below) which his 2nd grade child was encouraged to bring home and read from the elementary school library, which contained on page 124 a detailed graphic description of characters playing with dog excrement and smashing it around with their hands as part of a big humorous joke. The Mad Dad then said it was an “utter disgrace” for the school system to encourage a child to read the celebration of dog excrement as one of the first books a child should read. He then inquired if this was the new standard of educational excellence in the Fairfax County Public Schools.

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There were three school board members in attendance at the June 27 Public Hearing (Patty Hynes, Jane Strauss, and Dalia Palchik). After having to sit through and endure the Mad Dad, Patty Hynes left the public hearing early appearing to have had enough (or better things to do than to listen to public feedback and criticism).

There are 250 copies of Dog Man in the Fairfax County school libraries (costing $2,500), as well as many copies of “I am Jazz” (transgender propaganda), “Drama (by Raina Telgemeier)” (homosexual propaganda) that are now circulating in the elementary schools, in ever increasing quantities. There are also 25 copies of Two Boys Kissing in the Fairfax County Middle Schools.

More than a Dozen Eloquent Speakers Testify at the Public Hearing provided by the Virginia Board of Education

Mad Dad was just the warmup act for more than a dozen other tremendous speakers who gave wind for our sail, pride for cause, and powder for our cannons. Highlights include:

  • Fred, who gave up his evening to celebrate his 58th Wedding Anniversary that day with his wife because he said it was more important to his wife and him that they speak out on why marriage is important. He then outlined how many of society’s problems and suffering could be eliminated if society just emphasized, educated, and encouraged male-female marriage. He then said the goal of the FLE (Sex Ed) should not be on sexual recreation, but to reduce divorce to 1%.
  • Similarly, a father named John stated that the FLE (Sex Ed) should be completely re-evaluated and assessed as it appears to do more harm than good in some, possibly many, areas.

(Kaufmann Photo)

  • Another citizen named Ed testified how what the schools are teaching in FLE (Sex Ed) does not meet scientific and medical standards for truth and accuracy, as he can personally testify to the harm and negative impacts they have had on his life.

  • A grandfather named Jack highlighted all the problems from the school system pushing transgenderism, including stating that the school system is creating an unlimited number of liabilities by reckless experimenting and endangering the 99% of the normal and healthy student population with false and misleading information, unproven and risky theories, and a large increase of new vulnerable situations that did not exist before.
  • An educator and mother named Cathy took it further by not just pointing out how poorly thought out is the schools’ decision to promote allowing males into female bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms, but lampooning the absurdities.
  • Monique exposed the annual objectives of the FLE (Sex Ed) written in the Spring are so broad and ambiguous that they allow for a wide range of interpretations, and that parents are misled into believing that the public is allowed to review and scrutinize the actual FLE (Sex Ed) material before it is presented and distributed in the classrooms (which is simply not the case).
  • An educator and mother named Kathryn stated that a main responsibility of the school board is to keep the public informed, but this school board has consistently done the opposite, specially in its promoting of transgender ideology, where they secretly colluded with outside activists, shut out the public, rigged a vote, refused to disclose the name or payment arrangements of a transgender consultant they hired, and his final report—despite repeated requests.
  • Another mother and educator named Kathleen pointed out how the FCSB has gone off track and is not focused on the Virginia Board of Education mission.
  • A father named Mike with young children in the public schools illustrated how the school budget keeps soaring year after year while greatly outpacing inflation, but somehow the school administrators work lavishly is a glass crystal sky rise palace while his son is forced to take classes in a third world trailer.
  • A father named Andre advised the Board of Education that if one is to rename schools anywhere in the State, then one should avoid all the pitfalls and failings the Fairfax County School Board has demonstrated.
  • A mother named Laurel was stunned at the amount of time and money wasted by the school board on non-education related topics, and believes they need to go as they are too irresponsible.
  • And lastly, a mother named Meg stated that there were endless problems with the FCPS that she could talk and advise the Board of Education on, but said she was limited to only three minutes.

In total, more than half of the speakers in front of the Virginia Board of Education completely embarrassed and undressed the Fairfax County School Board in front of their higher level peers (which included Dr. Cannaday). However, even if they have no shame, the effort by the speakers showed parents, grandparents, and concerned citizens have had enough and politicians and public officials are being put on notice in the State.

The June 27 Public Hearing was not televised or video recorded, but most of the speakers submitted copies of their remarks for the public record and further reflection by the Virginia Board of Education.

Upcoming Events

  1. The next FCSB meeting is 7pm Thursday July 13 at Luther Jackson Middle School.  There are 5 JEB Stuart Speakers (fighting against waste, fraud, and abuse), as well as Meg Kilgannon fighting on behalf of parents and children, so please support if you can.
  2. The decision on JEB Stuart’s name will be "announced" at the July 27FCSB Meeting.  However, the working group meeting where they will actually make the decision is from 1:30pm to 4:30pm on July 17 at the Gatehouse Road Crystal Palace (the school board will freak out if people show up in large numbers to this working session and show their dissent).  
  3. Chris Grisafe is on the ballet to replace At-Large school board member Jeanette Hough, and he needs volunteers and financial contributions.  Chris Grisafe served with honor in the US Coast Guard and is now a Security Analyst who has the smarts we need with his MBA to help manage the messed up school finances.  He also supports us on our social issues.  His web site is .  Please rally behind him, and help him get elected.  The special election (may be) on Tuesday August 29, and is open to all county residents to vote.  Arrangements can be made for early voting (which we need to encourage).

Chris Grisafe

for Fairfax County School Board at-Large

National Security Professional  ◦  Veteran ◦  Passionate Volunteer

Special Election to Be Held August 29 to Fill Vacant School Board Seat

Meet and Greet Chris Grisafe 

Chris Grisafe: 
I am running for Fairfax County School Board at-Large because I want to protect the excellence in our schools. "

Chris Grisafe: "
FCPS must continue to provide a high-quality education that prepares all students for the modern workforce, higher education, and the pursuit of responsible citizenship. We must empower and educate our students for success and meaningful lives."

Chris Grisafe: 
Excellence in our school system directly impacts the success of our community and I know from personal experience the impact that quality schools can have in the lives of children."

Chris Grisafe: "
I now seek to serve and give back to create for students more opportunities like those I've been fortunate enough to encounter along the way!"

​I would be honored to have your support and your vote.
- Chris

For More Information, Contact: Chris Grisafe Campaign


Fairfax Democrats Endorse Karen Keys-Gamarra for School Board At-Large

A special election will be held on August 29th, 2017 for an At-Large (countywide) Member of the Fairfax County School Board to fill a vacancy.

The members of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee voted on June 23rd to endorse Karen Keys-Gamarra for School Board At-Large.  We thank all the candidates and members who participated in the process.  Keys-Gamarra will enjoy our full support going into the August 29 special election.


Posted on June 22, 2017

Contact: Steve Buckingham


Fairfax County Republican Committee Endorsement of Chris Grisafe for School Board At-Large

Last night at FCRC’s monthly meeting, the Committee voted unanimously to endorse Chris Grisafe for the vacant Fairfax County School Board At-Large seat, previously held by Jeanette Hough. Both Jeanette and sitting School Board Member Elizabeth Schultz spoke highly of Chris. Chris expressed his sincere gratitude and spoke about how eager he was to get to work to improve the lives of every child and parent in the county through a better school system.

After the endorsement, FCRC Chairman Matt Ames said, “I’ve known Chris for many years, and he will be an outstanding School Board member.  He will bring the same kind of respectful, courteous, and effective questioning of the status quo that Jeanette Hough exemplified.  Chris knows from his own life experience the value of a strong education, and he is determined to make sure that the Fairfax County Public Schools continue to live up to their reputation.”


# # #


(Fairfax, VA) Special Election to Be Held August 29 to Fill Vacant School Board Seat

Fairfax County Circuit Court Chief Judge Bruce D. White has authorized a special election to fill the School Board seat left vacant by the resignation of Jeanette Hough, member-at-large, who resigned on May 31. The special election will be held on Tuesday, August 29, to fill the remainder of the term of office, which extends until January 1, 2020.

Chris Grisafe Supporters: Cathy Ruse and Mike Nie

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Virginia Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam (Candidate for VA Governor) Endorses Driver's Licenses For Illegal Immigrants

About FCPS School Board Candidate Shaista Keating


Op-Ed: FCPS Has a Credibility Problem

Michele Menapace, a parent advocate, questions some of the school board's budget decisions

By Nicole Trifone (Patch Staff) - Updated May 17, 2012 2:25 pm ET


"Is your credibility limit strained by learning about an FCPS contract awarded to a paid election campaign consultant?  In February, three days after posting the request for proposal, FCPS awarded a $35,000 contract to Arcasun, a newly-formed company owned and operated by Shaista Keating. (Ms. Keating was paid $10,000 to advise Jane Strauss’ election campaign last fall and also heads the group Fairfax Full Day Kindergarten. Fairfax FDK is an advocacy group that publicly supported school board candidates in favor of full-day kindergarten in all Fairfax County elementary schools.) Arcasun has no previous experience and its Fairfax County business license had not been issued when the contract was awarded. "


Chris Grisafe Announces Run for

Fairfax County School Board At-Large Seat


Veteran & national security professional seeks to 

“protect excellence in FCPS”

FAIRFAX, VA, May 31, 2017 –

Chris Grisafe has announced he is running for the Fairfax County School Board at-Large position for the upcoming special election to be held this summer. The date of the special election, which has not yet been determined, will be set by the Chief Judge of the Circuit Court in accordance with Virginia law.


The seat is currently held by Jeanette Hough, who was elected in 2015, and will be vacated as of May 31, 2017. Hough has announced she must leave the School Board position governing Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) as a result of her husband's service. The family is being transferred overseas.


A national security professional and veteran, Grisafe said he's running because "I want to protect the excellence in Fairfax County Public Schools." With a special election taking place in the summer, Grisafe will focus on reaching out to voters during a time when most Fairfax County residents are not thinking about returning to the voting booth.


"FCPS must continue to provide a high quality education that prepares all students for the modern workforce, higher education, and the pursuit of responsible citizenship,” added Grisafe, who also serves as a volunteer advisor and mentor to college students.


Having tragically lost his mother early in life, "I cannot overstate the importance and influence of the many teachers and mentors who have been consequential guide posts in my life," said Grisafe. "I know personally how important it is to empower and educate our students so they can lead successful and meaningful lives."


Among the nation’s largest school systems, Fairfax County Public Schools has been ground zero for social and academic experimentation. "A local school board's emphasis must be on the students," Grisafe added regarding his desire to run.


Talking from personal experience, he said he was greatly influenced by dedicated teachers and mentors to succeed in community college, serve in the U.S. Coast Guard, graduate from Loyola Marymount University and earn an MBA from Virginia Tech.


“It is imperative that we keep FCPS focused on its primary mission – to provide a high-quality education,” said Grisafe.  The current School Board’s May 25th vote to balance the budget for the next fiscal year by increasing class size is just one example of why “Fairfax County needs an at-Large School Board Member who will insist on evidence-based data in its decisions to benefit all of our students.”


Prioritizing rigor in the curriculum, workforce and college readiness means “the School Board must focus on good metrics, eliminating redundancy and encouraging efficiency,” said Grisafe "to enable FCPS to allocate our precious resources where they are needed most - for our teachers and our students in the classroom.”


Parents and community members have often been frustrated with by the School Board’s focus on issues other than student academic achievement. Fairfax County voters overwhelmingly rejected a Meals Tax Referendum last November which was advertised ostensibly to add the tax, in part at least, for education needs.


"I will approach policy matters with an open mind and seek to understand issues with compassion," said Grisafe. "Still, the focus must always be on the merits those issues and the data to support good decision-making."


Once the date of the special election is set by the court, Fairfax County residents will elect the new at-Large School Board Member to serve the balance of Hough’s term, which ends in November 2019. All registered voters in Fairfax County are able to vote for an at-Large candidate.



For More Information, Contact: Chris Grisafe Campaign