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Living Stone Academy

Who makes results? Answer is Living Stone!

Progress Chart & Progress Report

Served the Northern Virginia community for over 10 years, Living Stone Academy is expert in college preparatory academy. We make sure students learn and understand the most with as much as practice. With distinctive supervised system and continuous consultation, we help our students to set their vision and support them and their parents. We have individual tutor, SAT/ACT/TOEFL prep, TJ/Magnet School prep, AP classes, Seasonal Boot Camps, and many other programs.

Living Stone Academy has the most in-depth knowledge on SAT with the best "know-hows" nation wide. Last year, more than half of the class improved by 400 and above on their SAT score. The most improved score was 810.

Living Stone has mentoring and coaching experts that can change students' future, and their families in a very positive way. We only recommend programs that are beneficial for the students. For any students who did not enroll or had to quit the academy can also take the advantage of information such as, free College essay seminar, parents' seminar, College consultation, open class and etc. As soon as you enter the academy, you are treated with care as we eager to help both the student and the parent.

College Consulting & Application Services (CCAS)

Best Quality! Reasonable Price!

Living Stone Academy’s C-CAS program provides complete process from beginning to end of an application. Steps include selecting the right universities, writing essays emphasizing applicants’ strength while supplementing weakness with professional agents and submit them in time.


Phone Number      703-815-8975 (Centreville) / 301-417-8824 (Rockville)

Address                  13880 Braddock Rd., Suite 206, Centreville, VA 20121

                               14816 Physicians Ln., Suite 151, Rockville, MD 20850



Or call 301-417-8824 for more information