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Camp Location: Mclean High School, 1633 Davidson Rd., Mclean, VA 22101 

Registration Fee: Non-refundable registration fee of $30 (per family) is due at the registration. 

$250 per week for regular weeks; 6% discount per week may apply when registering for 5 weeks; 10% discount may apply when registering for 7 and more weeks. Additional 2% discount may apply if registration is completed by April 30, 2017. 

The tuition is due at the time of registration. $35 will be charged for returned check and / or late pay. 

Example, registering for 5 weeks before April 30th, the tuition will be 250 x 5 x (1 – 6%) x (1 – 2%) = $1151.50,Plus the registration fee, the total is $1151.50 + $30 = $1181.50 

Should you registered with the discount then later on change your mind, the HCSSC-VA will calculate as your normal enrollment plus a 2% fee for the extra expenses occurred . 

Registration and Enrollment Instructions:

Registration may begin from the 1st week of April and last up to any time in a session. Please return the completed and signed registration form along with the tuition and registration fee to:
(1) The HCS front desk during HCS regular school time at either Annandale High School or Marshall High School, or
(2) mail to HCSSC=VA 8253A Backlick Rd #425, Newington, VA 22122 

请将报名表、报名费和学费交给北维或泰城希望中文学校前台报名处或寄至: HCSSC=VA 8253A Backlick Rd #425, Newington, VA 22122 

Below is the contact information should you have any questions or concerns. 

Dinny Li
Phone: 703-371-3414

Refund policy 

Registration fee is not refundable. 

Tuition (request made in writing): 100% when requested before 5/31/2017. 80% between 6/1/2017 and 1 week before the camp starts; 50% with 1 week ahead of written notice and any time within the section begins; 0% otherwise. Drop-off and Pick-up 

Regular drop off starts at 8:30 am. Early arrival st

希望文化夏令营 Drop-off and Pick-up

Drop-off and Pick-up
Regular drop off starts at 8:30 am. Early arrival starts at 8:00 am for an additional $25 for a 5-day camp week or $20 for a 4-day week or $15 for a 3-day week. 

The camp will be closed at 5:30 pm. From 5:31- 6:00 pm will be charged for late pick up fee of $5 per day. Children have to be picked up by 6:00 pm. The campers not picked up by 6:00 pm will be charged $1 per minute and risk of reporting to child protection agency!!!

Camp Brief Description 

The camp will open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. The camp features low teacher/student ratio with experienced teachers, providing the kids great time to learn while having fun, sample programs:
• Language Arts (Chinese, English) 
• Multiple Intelligence Training (Math/Logic Intelligence) 
• Martial Arts 
• Basic Painting and Art (Crafts/Clay/Music/Dancing/instruments) 
• Tennis / Table Tennis • Lego / Go (Wei Qi) • Chinese calligraphy / poetry ……. 

In the pass, we had special program for 2 weeks called Da Le Yuan. This year, we will not have the 2 weeks cramping special program. Instead we will offer the same program through out the summer and will have show at the end of the summer on/around 8/11/2017. Therefore hope parents will consider our summer camp as a whole in order for your child(ren) to maximize their full potential at the end of summer show. 

Special Program “希望文化夏令营将推出特别项目。具体内容将包括诗词讲解与朗诵、中华传统文化、中国历史地理常识、中国传统语言艺术表演,乐器演奏与欣赏、书法、国画、舞蹈、声乐、手工(剪纸、中国结、泥人)、中华武术,科学实验等课程。