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Leverage The Power Of Multimedia Marketing

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Leverage The Power Of Multimedia Marketing:


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We are the one-stop shop for marketing to the Chinese American community locally and the Chinese in the mainland China.

We specialize in ethnic marketing and advertising in Chinese/Chinese American communities. We bridge the cultural and linguistic gaps between the Chinese-American consumers and our advertising clients to reach out to a powerful, under-targeted and economically vibrant consumer base with immense spending power.

Why Target Chinese Americans?

During the 2010 United States Census, the Chinese American constitutes 1.22% of the United States as a whole, and the population numbered approximately 3.79 million. The Chinese American community is the largest ethnic group of Asian Americans, comprising of about 22% of the Asian American population. D.C. region’s Asian population is up 60%

since 2000, census data show.

Within Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV Metro Area, the Chinese Americans take up 1.6% of the local population, numbered 3,164,173. Chinese American populations continue to grow at a rapid rate due to immigration. The Washington, D.C suburbs of Montgomery County, Maryland, and Fairfax County, Virginia, are 3.9% and 2.4% Chinese American, respectively. Chinese Americans, especially the new immigrants, have tremendous spending power.

These are the highlights of the Chinese-American Demographics:

  • Approximately 3.0 million immigrants from China reside in the United States.

  • Collectively, Asian American buying power has risen 523% since 1990 to $718.4 billion in 2012. If Asian Americans were a country, they would represent the 18th largest economy in the world, providing a tremendous domestic growth opportunity. Buying power in this demographic is expected to top $1 trillion by 2017 and the number keeps surging. (Source: The Multicultural Economy 2012: Selig Center for Economic Growth)

  • Average Age 48, married and tend to be upscale: 2/3s are employed, more than half completed college or higher education level and the average income is $73,500. .

Why Global Dragon TV & A&C Multimedia?

We specialize in helping our clients targeting the Chinese American market, which has immense spending power.

  • We offer a full spectrum of media to include both traditional newspaper, TV and the new multimedia platforms in both English and Chinese.

  • We bridge the cultural and linguistic gaps between the Chinese-American consumers and our advertising clients.

  • We have over 80,000 monthly readerships from Chinese consumers in the Washington DC metropolitan area from our publication.

  • Over 1,000 satisfied, repeat customers over the past 20 years.

  • The Chinese-American community is one of the fastest growing populations in Maryland, Virginia and the entire U.S.

  • We have worked with multinational companies such as Citigroup, IBM, Microsoft, American Airlines, UPS, M&T Bank, Chevrolet, Halliburton etc., but we have also established long lasting relationships with the local small and medium size businesses which offer mortgage, insurance, real estate, automobile dealerships, restaurants, health care services, which affects the everyday lives of the local Chinese American population.

We leverage our unique media assets and customer knowledge to provide consumer insights, strategic planning, media buying services and turnkey program execution. We are dedicated to providing innovative ideas and multiple media platforms to help our clients to promote close brand connections and loyalty.

Many Chinese-Americans are not fluent in English and prefer to speak and receive communications in their native language. Nearly all foreign-born Chinese-Americans prefer to speak their native language at home, and many of those who learn English say they do not speak English very well. Since the majority of Chinese-Americans are foreign-born, they are thus most likely to retain their native language preference. Even Chinese Americans who speak and read English prefer to converse in their native language, if given the choice.

Our Products & Services:


Founded in 2000, Global Dragon TV (GDTV) has distributed over 8000 hours of television programming to over 100 TV channels in China. GDTV started its broadcasting in the US in 2012. Today, GDTV’s 24-HR Global Chinese Channel reaches over 70 countries via cable top box, the Internet and social media. Locally, GDTV’s programs air on Cox Cable 30, and Channel 19 reaching VA, Maryland & DC markets.


American Chinese Business News (A&C Business News) is the pioneer and leading weekly Chinese newspaper in the Greater Washington DC area.

A&C Business News was the first newspaper in the U.S. that was published by immigrants from Mainland China. Since 1994, A&C Business News has become one of the largest Chinese media groups in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Although the newspaper is not affiliated with any political parties or groups, it has been highly praised by prominent politicians including the formal Labor Department Secretary Elaine Chao that A&C Business News has influenced an entire generation of the new Chinese immigrants.

The newspaper focuses on issues of relevance and importance to the newest generation of Chinese immigrants in the local Chinese American community, with a particular emphasis on enhancing the economic prosperity of its constituents. The paper has just celebrated its 22 years in business and is the must read newspaper by the fast growing Chinese Americans.

A&C Business News focuses on information pertinent to the local Chinese American Community and offers tips & solutions to everyday life in the U.S.

Each week, we offer newspaper columns with focus on:

Local Community News & Events, Finance & Wealth Management, Employment & Business Opportunities, Life & Education in America, Real Estate & Home, Sports & Auto, Health & Spa, Travel & Dining, Shopping Guide & Classified, Entertainment & Leisure and much more.

A&C Business News prides itself on serving our readership with the best

professional editorial, reporting and design team that stands above and beyond the scope of any other Chinese media in the area.

Our community and readers rate our news team as “thought provoking” and “insightful”. Our editors are among the best and the most influential in the area. The paper offers many exclusive news reports, interviews and specialized columns.

A&C Business News has the largest readership base in the DC Metro area.

Our newspaper has the largest circulation compared to other Chinese newspapers.  It is published every Friday, and delivered to all major Asian grocery stores, Chinese schools, Chinese coffee shops and restaurants, Chinese community centers, churches and stores. The paper is also sent by first class mail to business owners and professionals who are subscribers and advertisers. With estimated 80,000 readers each month in the Greater Washington DC area, A&C Business News is the most influential Chinese newspaper locally.

Community Involvement

A&C Business News sponsors several high profile community events each year. The major annual events include: “Top 10 Local Chinese American Community News”, “Top 10 Most Influential Chinses Americans in DC Metro Area” and “Youth Chinese Essay Competition” each year. We also co-sponsor and contribute to many other activities and events that matter to our community.

Our Readers & Market

It is estimated that at least 300,000 Chinese consumers live in DC metropolitan area, and they are a vital and integral part of the area’s population, culturally, economically, and politically.

Our readers are first and second generation immigrants from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and South East Asia.  Our readers are well-educated professionals who hold high-income jobs due to the robust economy of the Greater Washington DC area. Many are new immigrants who have moved to the U.S. from Mainland China since the 80’s, in search of higher education and better opportunities for their children.

Online & Social Media Advertising

Both GDTV and A&C Business News maintain active online presence through our websites and social media platforms cover both the U.S and China markets. Here are the online and social media platforms that we use:

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