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(Apr. 12) Fairfax Sex Educators to vote No Abstinence/Yes Drugs for Kids this Thur!

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Fairfax Sex Educators to vote No Abstinence/Yes Drugs for Kids this Thur!

By Cathy Ruse 

The infamous Fairfax County Sex Ed Committee meets again this Thursday

It's open to the public, but they hate it when the public shows up. That alone makes me wanna go.

On the agenda--

1. Strike "sexual abstinence is the appropriate choice" for 14-year olds. 

Advisor Dan Press can't wait to get rid of it. Watch as 22 drones raise their hands and vote with him. Advisors also plan to strike "abstinence is the only 100% effective method for disease prevention." They want to downgrade it to "most" effective, then they want to...(drum roll)...

2. Promote drug use by kids to reduce the risk of AIDS from non-monogamous anal sex. 

Yes, this is the drug the CDC recommends for gay men with multiple partners who have sex without condoms. 
Yes, this is the drug the AIDS Healthcare Foundation calls a "catastrophe” for triggering a dangerous increase in risky sex.

3. Quash the notion that any kid could be "concerned" about sexual orientation or transgender identity. 

On the agenda for one 9th grade lesson on homosexual orientation and transgender identity is a motion to strike the sentence: Students with questions or concerns about their sexual orientation or gender identity will be advised to talk with a parent, member of the clergy, trusted adult, or counselor. There will be NO CONCERNS! We give F if you have questions! 

​One bold advisor will try to swim against the tide Thursday and push to reverse the “sex assigned at birth” propaganda put in the middle- and high-school lessons. She wants to return to the medically-accurate “biological sex.” 

It will help her to have a room full of friends. With fully charged cell phones. 

Family Life Education Curriculum Advisory Committee (known as FLECAC)

April 126:30-9:00p.m. (arrive 6:20p.m. for a seat)

Room 1600 

ark in garage under the building
​; ​building doors 
will be locked) 


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