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Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) Board Election - 11/03/2015

The FCPS Parents Organization

<<<Important updates of the November 3rd School Board Election>>>

Fairfax County elects twelve (12) school board members every four years.  On or before November 3, 2015, vote for one person to represent your magisterial district and three people to serve at large, which means that they represent all of Fairfax County.

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1. Voter registration: if you are a new voter or new to the current address, you have to register before you can vote.  The deadline to register to vote for the November 3rd General & Special Elections is October 13th at 5:00 p.m., online: 11:59 p.m, Register immediately online,

2. Magisterial district mapping 

You can vote for three at large candidates regardless of where you live, and vote for one one person to represent your magisterial district.

  • Look up magisterial district by high school

3. Information seminars: School board candidates will participate in information sessions at each Hope Chinese School campus during October. Important discussion topics include the suggested elimination of AAP Centers, watering down of ability grouping for students, TJ admissions process, student stress and safety, and curriculum policy decisions. The upcoming November 3rd School Board election will have a great impact on these matters, so please take advantage of this opportunity to become better informed. Please email questions you would like addressed by October 9th; we will try to have as many questions as possible discussed during the seminar. 

4. FCPS Budget cuts: The FCPS Budget Task Force has a long list of budget cuts that could be adopted for the 2016-17 (FY 2017) school year or subsequent years.  To learn more about these budget cut proposals, see

5. Candidates we support

At-large Candidates (you may elect them regardless of where you live)

Bob Copeland (challenger)

Jeanette Hough (challenger)

Jean-Jacques (challenger)

District Candidate (you may elect them if you live in the district)

You can use the following Virginia State Board of Elections voter tool to lookup for your district

And here are the list of candidates running for FCSP Nov. 3 School Board Election

Pete Kurzenhauser (challenger)

      Drainsville district (Mclean, Great Falls, Herndon and parts of Falls Church and Vienna)

Pete Kurzenhauser (R) is running for School Board against Janie Strauss (D), to represent the "Dranesville District" in Fairfax, which includes McLean, Great Falls, the Town of Herndon, and parts of Falls Church and Vienna. The following article provides some useful background info on Pete.

Patty Reed (Incumbent)

Providence district (Falls Church, Vienna, Merrifield, Oakton, Mantua Etc)

Anthony Stacy

Mt.Vernon District (Alexandria Etc)

Tom Wilson

Sully District

Mark Wilkinson

6. Ideas of family-based support group

In a support group, which may be formed by 4-5 families live in adjacent communities and/or work in close-by areas, members provide social connection and support for each other. The families come together for sharing important news and useful community information, to feel more empowered as a whole and for a sense of community.  The support group collectively can arrange transportation to enrichment activities, organize back-up care during school closure (e.g. snow day closures, teacher work day).   A support group may also work to inform the public or engage in advocacy about important and relevant endeavors in the school district and/or in the community (e.g host baby-sitting and arrange car-pool for local and federal elections). A support group may elect different liaison to connect to different community groups for coordination of events and policy changes that may affect our community.  

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1) The above Contents 不代表 Community Info Share 观点!
2) We appreciate Hope Chinese School for providing facilities of these events. However Hope Chinese School does not endorse any candidate or political parties).

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