Accent Reduction and Career Success Program

at American Chinese School

Every Sunday 2-4pm

Classroom 235, Herndon High School, 700 Bennett Street, Herndon VA 20170.

联系人:美中实验学校校长夏祥波 xiangboxia1117@gmail.com571-208-4441

语发音课程教练 Mike; 703-606-0270



·      Modify, through coaching and self-training, a non-native speaker’s pronunciation to render it more easily and effectively understood by native English speakers

·      Develop the standard American accent, the form of speech used by newscasters and other media broadcasters in the U.S.

·      Enhance your professional advancement with polished, elegant English accent

·      Improve the quality of daily life with pleasant colloquial English


Accent Reduction / American English Development Ten-Week Course Syllabus


1.      自我评价 Self-evaluation exercise (prior and after the program)

2.      职场和生活常用词Frequently used words in the professional life and daily life

3.      元音 Vowels: long vowels, short vowels, and R-controlled vowels

4.      辅音 Consonants: L, F vs V, W vs V, L vs N, L vs R, zzz, zh, t, S vs TH

5.      吞音 Dropped sounds (e.g., camera, favorite, and beverage)

6.      连读 Linking (e.g., a lot of fun, everyone else, and kick off)

7.      切入 Insert: w and y (go out, feel, and pool)

8.      重音 Word stress (e.g., I didn’t say you delayed the project)

9.      语调 Intonation – rise and fall, pitch, and pace

10.   复杂词汇 Long words (e.g., characterization, statistics, hierarchical, and equilibrium)



2.美国之音特殊英语 / TED Talk

3. 美音教程详解


5. 职场情商(emotional intelligence)训练

1)    How to avoid being a scapegoat at work?

2)    How to deal with office politics?

3)    Why did I hit the wall in my career for so long?

4)    How to get yourself out of trouble at work?

5)    Frequently used “sports” words in corporate America

6)    Typical sayings in resolving conflict

7)    Typical sayings in hosting a conference call

8)    Typical sayings in negotiation

9)    How to give a constructive feedback?

10)   How to diffuse criticism?

11)   How to be happy in a happy hour?

12)   How to give a great elevator speech?

13)   How to remember people’s names?

14)   How to express your emotions at work?

15)   How to use humor at work?

16)   How to become a compassionate listener?

17)   How to gain trust from your supervisor?

18)   How to gain visibility from the executives way above your direct boss?

19)   How to develop sound judgement at work?

20)   When to say, what to say and how to say it at important meetings?


Please register at American Chinese School. For those who could not attend the Sunday 2-4pm class, please join Coach Mike's Coach Virtual Training Room

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