Dottie Li’s Wechat class: Effective Personal Branding Q/A on 08/10/2016

8/10/2016 微课 Audio

Dottie Li’s Wechat class: Effective Personal Branding Q/A on 08/10/2016

1. 做哪些事情可以帮助顺利打造个人品牌?

It’s your reputation, reflection of who you are.

Every job is the portrait of the person who does it.

Anything you do, do not shriek the responsibility, entire package

2. 什么是职场软实力?  如何培养?

Soft skills

Communication, networking, acceptance of feedback, Ability to listen, collaboration, conflict resolution, ability to stay neutral, ability to take risk, critical thinking, office politics, emotional intelligence, custom service, etc.

It is a long process to develop these skills.


Any communications

Basics: fundamental communication skills

Precise, accurate, effective, and confident

4. 可不可以举一些打造个人品牌的实例?   

Attention to the details: this is important!!!

Making extra steps to let people know what is happening

5. 如何在与美国人,菲律宾及印度人共事的环境中建立个人品牌?

Internal branding, how others view your brand? Alignment,


You have to build alliance, you need to align yourself with someone who you can go to,  let people less likely to separate you


Continue to better yourself, linguistic barrier can not be hugely limiting, take advantage of what you have

6. 李老师的形象睿智大气,如何在多元化社会做个睿智大气的人?

Physical accessories: 外在的

How you carry yourself: basic things, more important, how you make people more comfortable

Repeated behaviors are signs of brand.

Don’t win the battle, but lose the war

7. 职场上如何和人品或性格不好难相处的人共事?

The only thing you can do is to adapt.

You need to tell what part is the most difficult part, then try to avoiding pushing the hard button.

DISC personality test: Dottie’s company can offer.

8. 周围有些人喜欢钻牛角尖比较负面。怎样才能真正爱自己做自己最好的朋友?

How you love yourself? Accept yourself, but also aware of your blind spot

9. 碰到咄咄逼人的人如何控制自己情绪?

Whatever the issues this person has,  the more vicious and nasty, the more love I’m going to show because this person clearly needs some love.  

Take a deep breath

Check the fact. When you are calm and collected, they in turn will respect that.

10.  可以给自己的老板feedback吗?

Start from the positive side, build the relationship, then you can give feedback that’s not 100% positive.

11.怎样与micromanagement 的老板相处?

You have to show him/her that you can get to the finishing point without him checking on you, initially.

You need to get a few steps ahead of your boss.

And ask your boss ahead of the game, “what do you want me to achieve? Where do you want me to go? “

12. 有时候在工作中为了合群不能做真正自己,怎样克服?

Qualification: be yourself

You got to stick to your principle, you can not give in or waiver.

War and battle, which one you want to win?

13. 怎样在繁忙的工作中保持好心态?

You have to be a level-headed.

Appreciate what you have. Be sure to exercise which produces endorphins that make you happy.

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