8. Power Networking Final Workshop / Live Q&A

6/16/2016 微课 Audio

Dottie Li Wechat class: Power Networking Across Cultures 3rd Q/A on 06/16/2016

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4 stages of acculturation:

  1. Excitement → 2. Profound differences, aka cultural shocks (upset, angry, physical illness) → 3. Limbo/ being stuck →4. Final acceptance

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Networking is not putting people in the spot.

Movie: Pay It Forward

Go through the extra miles, ppl always remember you!

Good networking and bad networking


1. (1) How to attract others' attention during a conversation? (2)How to "control" the conversation flow? (3) How to prevent others from asking too many questions? (4) How to inspire people into asking good questions? (5) How to tell people when they are too loud?

(1) Add right-on-target comments

(2) In many regards, you don’t have to control it. Follow ppl’s interest naturally.

(3) In social situation, turn to others who didn’t talk much.



2. How to deal with personal gifts in return for favor at work place?

American don’t like that.

3.  How to stop your talk politely if you see people are not interested in your topic by their body language or posture?

It looks like I am boring you to death, so I am going to stop right here. I am going to shut up now. Joking about it!

4. Proper networking gift ideas    

Doesn’t need to be big.

5. Could you recommend some readings on power networking?


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6. 如何区别 power networking 与走后门?

Do not abuse networking

7. Regarding LinkedIn you talked about last time, if a person does not have a strong background, do you still suggest him using the social website? I feel it will expose his weak side and will not help him.

Not to highlight weak side,

8. 我再问一个问题 青少年如何有意识地学习练习 power networking

Learn when young

9. 有一些人很内向 不喜欢与人交往 是否很难开展 power networking

Read the book <Quiet>

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