7. Power Networking 2nd Workshop / Live Q&A

Dottie Li Wechat class: Power Networking Across Cultures Q/A on 05/31/2016

Stand people up 放鸽子

Last minute cancellation of appointment:

What you don’t know can hurt you.

Being a guest of someone at a function and not acknowledging the person who invites you to the event.

Leaving early and not saying goodbye BUT not anything about it afterwards.

In the middle of a live WeChat lecture, Ms. Li gets interrupted with requests of getting into the classroom.

Interruption is a bad habit that we ALL have and it is hurting us.

1. 电脑上什么知识都有,一家人感兴趣的东西往往不一样,怎样提升交流的质量?即是除了衣食住行

Time commitment matters in family

2.  Power networking needs time to cultivate and patience to tend. Having friends and families be part of your network seems natural since they should be the ones know you better and willing to help. But exactly because of closeness of this part network, there is also downside to it as well. How to judge and value the benefits and risks?

Within families and friends, be natural, don’t abuse and try to take advantage, and you cannot take it for granted.

3. For a long time I always try to avoid using LinkedIn as a tool to connect with friends, what do you think, pros and cons?

Dottie’s opinion: LinkedIn has more pros than cons

Pros: extend your network being a leadership and being an expert, and benefit others as well by what you post/share

Cons: you don’t know who is connected, stranger

4. Is power networking directional? Do you "network" with people who report to you at work?


Best attitude: offer people help

5. How to network with people with authorities, for example, if your CEO comes to you often for opinions, do you consider it as an opportunity for networking? What would be your plan of actions? Can you promote yourself to become a partner?

Yes, of course, your CEO values your opinion, so you need to make your opinions count

I believe, you should do this, convey the message with confidence and power, conviction because your opinion would impact the bottom line

Let people know you as well

Effective personal branding would get you to the top

6. Any suggestions for youngsters (high schoolers or college students etc.) to network with others who are not same peers?

Most youngsters are not aware of networking

Let people see your potential and open door for you

Build a solid personal brand which attracts a lot of opportunities

7. Network up dos and don'ts?

There is a line which you couldn’t see, but, you shouldn’t cross the line.

Do: build a good foundation with people you are networking with, you are a player, you are a person whom is dependable,  做有心人,不能放鸽子, thoughtful,

Don’t: not initiate if you feel you are not ready,

8. How to convince decision makers to listen to you?

Credible: 1, expertise; 2, your communication skills; 3, your appearance, 仪表, personal hygiene; 4, your confidence level, do not let people see that you lack confidence

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