1. 02/29/2016 Dottie Li’s Session

QUESTION  1: 有个问题,如何解决第一次见面 比如面试时候的紧张心态

Preparation, do homework about company, interviewer, about position & specific information, potential questions & challenges

Record and rehearse your answers before the interview: mock interview

Need an interview coach to help you

QUESTION  2:想了解一下您克服口音过程中的难点与诀窍

Hard work, persistent

No short cut, practice again and again to change muscle memories to build new speech patten.

QUESTION  3:Accent reduction program 一般需要多长时间又效果? 是不是one - one program 要比group lesson有效?

15 weeks, 2 hours a week for 8 weeks, then 7 weekly tele-coaching for 30 mins each session

1-on-1 coaching gives best results usually. Some prefer to be in a class setting

QUESTION  4:What would you say was the biggest challenge you had in your earlier years, other than language barrier?

Cultural differences, not knowing what rules were

QUESTION  5:我个人理解人脉都是让别人知道你,了解你,你也可以知道别的地方的动态,这样理解可以吗?中外有什么不同呢?

Networking, Read the article in FROMzine of <<Dottie Li 的社交课>>

Information spread from one to another, possibly more, can be as simple as giving a ride to airport, food recommendation, could be more complex

In China, one has to repay someone’s favor, usually settles debts around Lunar New Year’s

In West, no need to repay

Networking is not obligating ppls, not put ppls on the spot, networking is not keeping scores.

QUESTION  6:How would you fit in while maintaining the core values at work (professional and community service)? Thanks. How would you dance with wolf's and swim with sharks without being bitten?

Fit in: You have to operate w ppls on the same level, sense where you belong

Core value: your brand, effective personal branding coaching (we conduct training on this at companies and feds)

dance with wolves and swim with sharks: if you can’t beat them, then join them.

QUESTION  7:英语口音到底有多重要?


The difference between Dr. Kissinger and the rest of us is that he has mastered the English language, despite his heavy accent.

If people can’t understand you because of your accent, pronunciation, incorrect grammatical structure, etc. your message is dilated or simply lost. You failed at communication.

QUESTION  8:什么是最popular 个人品牌?Branding is an inside-out process, it does not come easily for us because of our culture.  How long is your branding training?

No such thing as the most popular personal brand. Very personal. It has to resonate with people.

The training Can be as long as three weeks, or as short as 3 hours as an introduction.

QUESTION  9:What are the key aspects of personal branding?

Reputation, a promise, what ppls can expect from you

Core talent and reliability

Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it -- Vince Lombardi

QUESTION  10:怎样有效处理在工作中的conflicts?

Later we can discuss more

Find root and involve the right persons to solve the conflict

Conflict could be small or big, needs to solve immediately.

How to solve conflict:

1. verification first,

2. interpretation (I interpret it as …),

3. resolution: I would prefer to …, rather than…

QUESTION  11:Chinese tend not to talk much at the meeting, unlike Americans or people from other similar cultural background. How to overcome it? Make a mental note to remind ourselves to at least talk once at the meeting?

Force yourself to speak 1 sentence 1st week, then 2 sentences the 2nd week, build up to speak more later

But, you can not dominate the talk, talk when needed, need to make a good point plus good communication skills as foundation

QUESTION  12:当前Donald Trump 的表现是否也像征着一种unique personal branding?


Related to Political atmosphere more


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