(Rockville, MD) Anti-Rape Protesters: "Dr. Jack Smith, Stop Raping, You Should Resign" | 最新报道 - 3/28/2017

Dr. Jack Smith, Superintendent of MCPS

Your accusations of comments made by Montgomery County parents and citizens as “racist” and “xenophobic” is startling. These parents and citizens have every rights to express in any way they desire, their fears, concerns and even outrage over this horrific rape of this 14-year old girl that happened ON YOUR WATCH. 

Our wonderful First Amendment wasn’t written to protect speech that is easy to hear. It was brilliantly written so that CITIZENS can lawfully petition their government, and can say even difficult things, without harassment from government officials. And in fact is one of the strongest magnets that draw people here LEGALLY to become CITIZENS of this country. The line that shall not be crossed are any threatening comments. But anything up and until that point, you are being paid well to take whatever the public feels you need to hear and that they wish to say to you.

You mishandled this tragic episode from just about every angle and at every step of the way, starting with lax security and fostering a situation where you allowed wolves to roam freely among the lambs. 

You should resign. 



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Everyone sending should include their name and area (Bethesda, Potomac, etc) underneath “Respectfully” if you feel comfortable doing so. 谢谢大家的支持!


Father of Maryland high school rape suspect arrested by ICE


"This is statuary rape anyway"

ICE agents arrest father of Rockville High School rape suspect

Monday, March 27, 2017

Residents rally to demand change, accountability after Rockville HS gang rape (Video+photos)

Hundreds of residents gathered in front of the Montgomery County Council Building in Rockville yesterday to demand elected officials and MCPS be held accountable for their roles in the allegedgang rape of a 14-year-old girl at Rockville High School. Protesters held signs demanding MCPS Superintendent Jack Smith resign, and against Montgomery County sanctuary policies that allowed the girl's alleged attackers to live here and enroll in 9th grade despite being much older. The rape allegedly took place in a bathroom at the school on March 16.

Speakers and notable attendees included Montgomery County Executive candidate Robin Ficker, Montgomery County Council District 2 candidate Edward Amatetti, and Brigitta Mullican, a Rockville resident who has been one of the leading critics of the effort to officially declare Rockville a sanctuary city.

A small group of counter-protesters
were kept separate across the street
by Montgomery County police
A small group of less than 20 counter-protesters set up across Maryland Avenue from the protest, and attempted to shout down speakers throughout the event, despite lacking the numbers to do so. The poor showing was likely due to the fact that very few in the county believe the accused rapists should have been in the 9th grade. And to the mass outrage over the security lapses that facilitated the alleged suspects' brutal bathroom attack, during which they allegedly repeatedly raped and sodomized the victim, as she screamed for help that never came.
Robin Ficker is mobbed by
fans after lowering the boom
on the County Council and MCPS
in his speech
In a speech to the crowd, Ficker ripped County elected officials and MCPS for their mishandling of the Rockville H.S. rape, and of crime in their schools in general. Ficker cited recent reports of violent crimes that occurred at the school just weeks before the gang rape, and were covered up by administrators. In one, a girl was beaten and kicked in the head three times, he said - yet parents were never informed this happened. These were warning signs that should have resulted in tighter security weeks ago, Ficker said.

Ficker suggested the county move 9th grade back to junior high, and leave grades 10, 11 and 12 at the high school level, arguing that kids are being forced to grow up too fast. He noted that, while Rockville H.S. had more than 100 security cameras, no one was monitoring them.

Amatetti paused during his speech to ask the crowd to "pray real, real hard for the young, brave girl" who was the victim in this case. He said the school system and the county have "real problems" that need to be addressed.
Ficker poses with a large
contingent of legal Asian
The crowd was diverse, including Asians, African-Americans and Latinos. One attendee was overheard noting that the counter-protesters across the street were whiter than the crowd they were counter-protesting against.

Several immigrants who had legally achieved citizenship through great effort and cost, or were seeking to do so legally, decried the county's effort to give those who haven't followed the rules special status. Lucas, a resident of Kensington who did not wish to give his last name, said he has been in the U.S. for 3 years on a student visa. Now he has applied for citizenship, and has been told the process will take 3 to 5 years. It's "unfair," he said, for those who broke the rules to gain the rewards of citizenship in Montgomery County before those who play by the rules.

Mullican called it "unfair for the legal immigrants who waited their turn and came here through the system." She emigrated legally to America from Germany with her family in 1956, and had to wait until 1968 to become a citizen. "I understand the immigration process, and the privilege of being a U.S. citizen," she said.

Several attendees carried signs demanding the resignation of MCPS Superintendent Jack Smith, Smith has so far declined to comply with the growing calls locally and nationally for him to step down. He has gained national notoriety for seeming more concerned about immigration politics than about the rape victim. Smith "speaks far more harshly about xenophobia than he does about sexual assault of a child," said Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson.
Bethesda resident Jerry Cave 
was master of
ceremonies for the rally

Montgomery County
Young Republicans VP
Dan McHugh

Parents want
Smith out

蒙郡 Anti-Rape 示威现场,很多华人参与 – 3/26/2017

(@J Chen) "二十多个华人到场。无论你是什么党,或支持什么党,无所谓。学校是否安全,你是否同意郡政府让成年有犯罪案底的非移注册蒙郡高中?这是全部家长都应该关心和参与维权的…"

(@Dai Rui) "今天蒙郡 anti-rape 示威现场,很多华人参与,这是记者罗晓媛给大家拍的照片,以此留念。"

(@Dai Rui) "今天蒙郡 anti-rape 示威现场,很多华人参与,这是记者罗晓媛给大家拍的照片,以此留念。"


(@军) "今天有二十几位华人去抗议了,谢谢!"











(@袁庆生) 请大家签名,如果还没有的话


Dr. Smith draws an annual salary of $275k, plus massive benefits.



CAPA 开完会后我去 Rockville Council Building.虽然Anti -Rape  Rally  已接近尾声,但是群情激昂,我们走近的时候,有印度人主动走过来与我们High five , 也看到一位African American,亚裔肤色的更有许多,而街对面举相反牌子的却是清一色的,看不出仼何diversity. 

一位妇女在我边上,她开始挑战我为什么会觉得High School 的Tragedy 会与移民政策有关。我告诉她政策的漏洞给罪犯提供方便,出了这种悲剧,学校和有关决策部门有责任review 现在的政策。刚开始我相信我很激动,嗓门很大,但是后来我们都安静下来。她说她开车经过看到这么多人在这么冷的天气里举牌子,她想知道为什么。她告诉我她是犾太人,他们是Holocaust 的受害者。她还说有些人认为她是liberal , 但是她认为她自己对High School 女孩被raped 也很难过和气愤。她说她也重视security, 但是她认为美国已经很安全了。我告诉她我的想法,也分享我的经历。我们hugged  each other, 她的眼晴是红的,其实我的眼泪也在打转。我们都同意一切的一切都不是为了hate each other,people should find a good point where freedom and safety can be in balance. 她promised 她will study more about the security, I promised her that I will open my mind. 

We hugged each other again and left. I was glad I went to the Rally today! 我自己没来及拍一张照片,在那里的时间我只是在同一个犹太妇女交流。但是这样的交流让她和我都感到有意义和平安。

(@J Chen)

蒙郡有约有三万华人,今天只有二十多个到场。过年 Potomac CC 免费吃加免费看的过年活动几千人去,把Falls RD 挤个水泄不通。对此,我只能感到深深悲哀。再见了,家长!当哪一天悲剧发生在你自己身上再觉醒来。感动!真是笑话,有什么用。








还忍不住要分享今天CAPA开会的感受。听到有消息小学的成绩单有可能要变了。K-2 的成绩单要取消ES(for excellence). For Grades 3-5 , the grades will be changed back to A, B,C,D, however the A represents Proficiency. No more Excellence. 看到achievement gap 怎么close 了吗?不放一枪一炮就可以把Asian Excellence 拿掉。所以我们站出来发声多重要。你不说,别人已经代表你说了!还有当华裔家长在群里抱怨curriculum 太浅的时候,别人早已经把别的complain 成功地反映到决策机构:上边收集到的信息是现在的数学太难了,要变容易些!

我两个儿子2004年上小学五年级的时候已经要求用graphic  calculator做数学。现在女儿中学上math IM 还没有学到儿子五年级的程度!

Likan 说得好,家长们真的要多参与PTA 的各种反馈活动。

社会活动也一样,你去参加了,别人知道你care , 有自己的想法,甚至有人会想办法理解你。你如果不去,以为自己是中立的,实际上已经被代表。


看了这个采访心里很难受。为什么要将只有三四年级水平且不会英语的adult students放到九年级课堂?


今天的活动,牵涉到大家都非常关心的学校安全,但是出现的人不多,我认为主要是媒体压制和引导的结果。这次rape事件,绝对不是一件突发的偶然事件,而是在马里兰推行sanctuary policy必然的结果,它使得学校在接受学生的时候单向思维,录取非法移民学生在年龄和背景的时候完全不考虑在校学生的安全,在系统上存在漏洞,如果不检讨,还会出现问题,至少在drug泛滥方面会推波助澜,更不必说在财政和academic方面对于蒙郡居民的影响了。Dr Smith一口咬定不能上升到政治的高度,我觉得完全是俺耳盗铃,所以我觉得必须去抗议他的这个pose。


我今天刚开始是吵架的,不过发现大声说话她听不见我说的,我也听不见她说的。所以两个人就平静下来了。所以交流一定是要平等的,因为起初她根本不了解我,我也根本不了解她。今天Allen说的一句话也打动了我:We are Chinese Americans, we have advantages: we are bilingual and we have two cultures! 我们还有一个优势,当我们发言的时候,没有人可以指责我们racist, 相反他们会反思:为什么这些同样是移民的华裔会有完全不同的想法!这给我们一个机会让主流社会来了解这一向沉默和被代表的族群。不是别人不了解我们,是我们自己从来都躱着,藏着,没有主动让人了解。

这次抗议集合的最牛口号 “Dr. Smith: STOP RAPING!”


Rally for Accountability In MoCo & MCPS – Sunday, March 26, 4PM

Posted on March 25, 2017 by HelpSaveMaryland


Rally for Accountability In MoCo & MCPS 

When: Sunday, March 26th, 2017 at 4:00 PM. 

Where: We will meet 3:45 in front of the County Council Building,  100 Maryland Ave, Rockville, MD 20850. 

What: A rally to bring accountability and common sense back to Montgomery County’s government, security policy, and schools.  Come make your voices heard in Rockville, where the elected leaders of Montgomery County meet to spend our money and make policy – policy that is negatively impacting so many.  On the issues of taxes, educational standards, accountability, and safety in our schools, this county government is missing the mark.  Bring signs and a firm but calm demeanor.  Speakers, media, community groups and new candidates for Montgomery County government will be present.  

Organized by Dan McHugh, MCYR VP and MCGOP Member, along with many other community activists.  

Contact Dan McHugh at (301) 787-2021 for more information or to find out how to get involved.

Source: http://www.helpsavemaryland.org/