These first-generation Chinese Americans are vigorously opposing sanctuary laws

"But the bill met stout opposition from an unlikely source: some of those very same foreign-born residents.

Their objections stunned Democratic supporters of sanctuary here and helped bring about the bill’s demise in March. A similar proposal for the state collapsed this month in the Maryland Senate, where Democrats also hold a two-to-one advantage. Some of the same immigrants spoke out against it.

Some supporters of sanctuary had dismissed them as white-collar professionals whose personal struggles could not compare with those of undocumented people now facing possible deportation.

But anyone who thought their journeys were easy, these immigrants said, has never walked in their shoes."


Frosh: Law Enforcement Agencies Risk Liability In Cooperating With Federal Immigration Agencies

Brian Frosh and Kevin Kamenetz continued to pander to a far left audience last week:

"Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh is advising state and local government officials not to enforce federal immigration laws or honor most federal detainers.

Kamenetz on Thursday cheered the guidance from Frosh's office, saying in a statement it "supports efforts from jurisdictions like ours to protect our residents."

The Democratic Machine Selects Their "Chosen One" Again

"For many in the party’s progressive wing, however, her selection March 1 — and her likely election by the full state central committee on Saturday — illustrates a dispiriting adherence to the status quo: another anointment by the same circle of insiders who have run the state party for more than a generation."

“They’re the bosses. They’re the machine,” said Joseph Kitchen Jr., president of the Young Democrats of Maryland.

These first-generation Chinese Americans are vigorously opposing sanctuary laws | 最新报道 - 3/17/2017

Source: These first-generation Chinese Americans are vigorously opposing sanctuary laws

Opponents and supporters of the proposal to make Howard County a sanctuary county filled the chambers before the council voted Feb. 6. (Katherine Frey/The Washington Post)
By Bill Turque March 17 at 3:34 PM 

Hongling Zhou came to Maryland for a doctorate from Johns Hopkins University and then waited 14 years to become a U.S. citizen.

“It was not easy, but we did it with dignity,” she told a Maryland state senate committee last month. Zhou, a mother of two Howard County school children and statistician for a federal agency, said that’s the way immigrants should come to America.

“Everybody should follow the law of the land,” Zhou said. “Nobody should be above the law.”

As state and local lawmakers in Maryland consider proposals to protect undocumented immigrants by limiting cooperation with federal authorities, some of the most persistent and passionate voices in opposition have been Chinese American.

Organized under the banners of groups such as the Maryland Chinese American Network and the Asian American GOP Coalition, they have testified by the dozens against the Maryland Trust Act, which would bar the use of state and local funds to aid federal immigration enforcement. It would also prohibit police from asking about immigration status during traffic stops or other activities.

Sen. Susan Lee (D-Montgomery), pictured above, got into a heated discussion with Chinese-American activists recently over an immigrant-protection bill she helped sponsor. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Of the 32 speakers opposed to the bill at last month’s state House Judiciary Committee hearing, 27 were Chinese Americans. They turned out in similar numbers at a marathon Rockville City Council session on March 6, speaking against a bill that would codify existing policies barring police from enforcing federal immigration law. The same groups organized to fight a similar measure that narrowly passed the Howard County Council in February before it was vetoed by County Executive Allan Kittleman (R).

It is an unusual burst of activism from a community of mostly first-generation immigrants, concentrated in Montgomery and Howard counties, who otherwise have largely avoided engagement with local issues. And it is activism that places them at odds with the stance of more traditional Asian American advocacy groups.

Leaders of the movement say President Trump’s aggressive immigration agenda has resonated with at least a segment of the roughly 60,000 Chinese Americans in the Maryland suburbs. They depict undocumented immigrants as a source of increased crime — a claim not supported by local or national data — and a financial drain on schools. The prospect of enhanced protection for those here illegally seems to offend this particular group of immigrants at a core level.

Hong Chen told Rockville council members that he traveled to Canada rather than remain in the country illegally when his visa expired in 1996. He was able to return when his wife received an H1b visa, designed for foreign workers with specialized skills.

“Local government should not pick and choose which laws to enforce.”said Chen, 55, who lives in Potomac and manages a dental office.

The advocates’ outspoken stance has placed them at odds with the mainstream of Asian American civil rights groups and elected leaders, who generally support “sanctuary” communities and a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

They say the Asian American groups in Maryland have been blinded to the struggles of others by their comfortable existence in two of the country’s wealthiest counties, supported by advanced degrees and business success.

“Right now, sitting in the luxury of our own homes, it’s easy to frame this in the context of ‘us’ (the Asian American community) and ‘them’ (predominantly the Latino community, but others as well),” state Del. Clarence Lam (D-Howard), one of 78 House co-sponsors of the Trust Act, wrote in an open letter to constituents last month. “This is easy to do because most of the undocumented people we see locally in Maryland are Latinos.”

Lam, a physician and son of Chinese immigrants, said the national data should actually be a wake-up call: Asian Americans are the fastest-growing part of the undocumented population, totaling 1.5 million of the estimated 11 million who have entered the country illegally.

“While ‘they’ are not ‘us’ right now, we could soon be ‘them,’” Lam wrote. “The outpouring of animosity and anger that we’re seeing now. . . could continue to turn towards us.”

State Sen. Susan Lee (D-Montgomery), a second-generation Chinese immigrant and Trust Act co-sponsor, confronted the activists in Annapolis on Feb. 21, shortly before a hearing on the bill, which is currently before a legislative working group that is discussing possible amendments.

“You are Chinese immigrants? You are against this bill? Where is your heart?” Lee said, according to Zhou and Cheng Tu, advocacy director for the Maryland Chinese American Network, both of whom had come to the hearing.

The discussion grew so heated that the Chinese American delegation was asked to leave the hearing room, Zhou and Tu said. They were allowed back later to testify.

“I am totally fine that she feels strongly about this,” said Tu, who came to Maryland from Hangzhou in 1995 to study engineering. “I am not fine that she tried to discourage people in the community who have different opinions.”

Lee said there was no attempt to discourage their testimony, and that she only expressed surprise at their presence. “I thought we left as friends,” she said. “I was glad and proud that they came.”

Janelle Wong, director of the Asian American Studies Program and professor of American Studies at the University of Maryland, said the Montgomery-Howard group is a “a small, vocal opposition to immigrant rights” that does not represent the entire community.

“Part of the problem is that Asian Americans are not mobilized around many issues by political parties or candidates. So they’re highly visible when they do get involved,” said Wong, who conducted a survey with two UCLA political scientists after the 2016 election that showed 16 percent of Asian Americans believe undocumented immigrants should be immediately deported.

Age and life-experience may be drivers of the debate, some experts said. Many of the activists came to the United States 20 to 30 years ago and may be less familiar with the long history of laws that virtually banned all Chinese immigration — and naturalization of those already here — from the 1880s through the 1940s.

“They have had a harder time understanding some of the experiences of undocumented immigrants within a larger civil rights context,” said Kham Moua, senior manager of policy and communications for OCA–Asian Pacific American Advocates.

The Chinese American advocates said they first mobilized politically on issues involving schools. In early 2016, parents gathered signatures to name a new Clarksburg-Damascus middle school after Alan Cheung, the first Asian American elected to the Montgomery Board of Education. The board ultimately named the school for Clarksburg philanthropist Hallie Wells.

Last summer, a Montgomery Chinese parents’ group challenged a school system report that included recommendations for increased diversity in gifted and talented programs by changing admissions policies. Asian American students are overrepresented in the programs compared to their share of the district’s enrollment (14 percent). The school system has not yet acted on the portion of the report covering diversity issues.

Tu said his group intends to stay in the local arena, and is considering formation of a political action committee for the 2018 election cycle.

“I want to be a full American,” he said.

Asian Americans Broke the Silence
Yin Zheng

Asian Americans Broke the Silence!

On March 6, 2017, the Rockville City Hall (Montgomery County, Maryland) held a public hearing regarding the role of Rockville Police Department in the enforcement of Federal Immigration law. To many residents, this ordinance is a hollow political statement and a symbolic act to turn Rockville City into an official sanctuary city. Ninety people called in to reserve a spot for a testimony. Not all of the speakers were Rockville residents; many of them either had children who were going to attend Wootton High School in Rockville or had unbreakable ties with Rockville. The modern public library, the elegant restaurants, and the gorgeous ice rink in the heart of downtown Rockville had become a part of the lives of not only Rockville residents but also people who live in the surrounding cities such as Gaithersburg and North Potomac with which they share many things in common.

Since the City Council chamber can host only seventy people at once, the organizers let speakers enter the chamber in the order of their number of reservation. About half of the speakers opposing the ordinance are Asian Americans.  Their major points are to ask mayor and council members to use common sense to vote beyond partisan lines. They emphasize that everyone should obey the law and no one should be above the law. They think that Rockville is already a diverse and inclusive city and does not need a symbolic ordinance to divide the foreign community. They also believe that this ordinance restricts the cooperation of local police with the federal agency and will ultimately hurt our community. The opponents also reminded the mayor and the council members not to forget taxpayers' and all of the legal immigrants' interests, including those still living in poverty while claiming the protection of illegal immigrants.

During the public hearing, I sadly noticed that when white people testified opposing the ordinance, they were very careful not to be labeled "racist" or a "white supremacist." One Caucasian speaker told me that he was ( and still is) a Christian and devoted most of his time in the church and other charities to help people of different races and backgrounds; however, he was called racist! I was horrified to hear his story.  I felt fortunate that since I'm an Asian, nobody can call me a "white supremacist" just because I have an opinion that is different from theirs. Last night, however, on Facebook, one person called Asian Americans "Trump terrorists" when they stated that they opposed the concept of constructing sanctuary cities. The person condemned those Asian Americans for "spreading hate, anger, and lies."

What this person didn't know was that most of those Asian Americans lived in a communist country for decades. They know from their experience that the law and the respect for the law are what make the United States different from dictator-led countries. The law is the foundation of liberty, freedom, justice, security, stability, and prosperity!

Far from when the presidential campaign started, the mainstream media controlled the voice of people throughout the United States. I was saddened to see the America of which I was so proud allowed only one voice to express its opinions. I understand why people were shocked to see Asian Americans stand up and speak out. It is an exotic notion that is hard to denote in English: you either die or revive in a  suffocating silence! Asian Americans chose to break the dead silence.

( - By Thomas Wheatley March 10 at 6:05 PM)

馬州洛城也要「庇護」 華人成反對主力
記者羅曉媛/馬州報導 2017年03月10日 13:04

當晚聽證會引來眾多居民參與,由於聽證會會場人數太多,其他人被安排在另外房間觀看現場作證情況。(記者羅曉媛/攝影)  當晚聽證會引來眾多居民參與,由於聽證會會場人數太多,其他人被安排在另外房間觀看現場作證情況。(記者羅曉媛/攝影)
洛城市政廳舉行聽證會,關於地方警察該如何進行移民執法的聽證吸引90多人作證,華人代表亦有20多人。(記者羅曉媛/攝影)  洛城市政廳舉行聽證會,關於地方警察該如何進行移民執法的聽證吸引90多人作證,華人代表亦有20多人。(記者羅曉媛/攝影)



市議員茱莉‧卡爾(Julie Palakovich Carr)提法令要求洛市警方,不得基於移民扣押令、聯邦行政根據(administrative warrant),或違反民事法而逮捕、羈押任何人;不鼓勵洛市警方公布任何人的移民信息;除非經司法裁決或聯邦、州、地方法律要求,洛市執法部門不得調查或協助調查任何人移民身分。

聽證會會場擠滿人潮,許多人被轉移到其他房間觀看直播。正反激烈交鋒,猶如美國社會看法兩極的縮影。支持者從穩定人心、加強警民合作、維護社區安全、防止針對種族的不公對待(racial profiling)、人權及移民是立國之本等角度闡明支持。反對方則認為「庇護」是破壞法律,包庇並招來非法移民,增加MS-13幫派犯罪,危及治安;同時失去聯邦補助,加重洛市和納稅人負擔等。


「美國移民改革聯盟」(FAIR)區域代表哈寧(Jonathan Hanen)向本報指出,馬州納稅人每年為非法移民花費17.3億元,庇護勢必會給洛市造成嚴重經濟負擔。亞裔共和黨聯盟(Asian American GOP Coalition)代表戴睿也引用ICE官方數據,指ICE在2014-15年向地方發出1萬7000多人的扣押要求被拒,其中68%有犯罪紀錄,卻因「庇護」被釋放。動員華人去作證的洛市居民李振亞,則認為該法令是要解決根本不存在的問題,洛市警察原本就未執行聯邦權限的移民作業。

蒙郡助理警長哈密爾(Russ Hamill)亦到場澄清說,川普政府要擴大移民執法對地方執法機構影響甚微,因為他不直接領導地方警察,其決策也不影響地方警察作業。他說,「一切都沒變,我們現行職責與我33年前加入警隊時一樣。我們的目標是在不計種族、膚色或其他臆想因素的情況下,平等、公正、無私地服務所有人」。


洛城市政廳舉行聽證會,其中關於地方警察該如何進行移民執法的聽證吸引90多人作證。(記者羅曉媛/攝影)  洛城市政廳舉行聽證會,其中關於地方警察該如何進行移民執法的聽證吸引90多人作證。(記者羅曉媛/攝影)

翻案落空 哈維無緣成庇護郡

March 8, 2017, 6:00 am


CB9由民主黨籍郡議員巴爾(Calvin Ball)及特拉薩(Jen Terrasa)提出,一路走來都是正反交鋒激烈。支持方認為該法案能保障移民社區不因川普的移民政策而恐慌;反對方則認為該法案有損公共安全、罔顧法紀偏向無證移民。盡管提案議員曾妥協,移除法案的「庇護」和針對川普的政治用詞,但該法案妨礙地方執法部門與聯邦政府合作的規定,還是在社區引發強烈反彈。


尤其在兩場持續到深夜的CB9聽證會上,數十名哈維郡華人犧牲個人時間,有組織地發言作證,都在改變華人平日鮮少參政議政的刻板印象。同時,他們也和哈維郡共和黨及其他意見相投的組織團體合作,最終爭取到關鍵郡議員韋恩斯坦(Jon Weinstein)的反對票,給CB9最終落空奠定基礎。




(3/06/2016,  Howard County, MD) (@云淡风清) "Veto override failed!"

三月六号 Rockville “庇护城” 听证会


三月六号, 马里兰州蒙郡Rockville 市政府从傍晚7点起,就关于明确限制地方警察与联邦移民局合作的特殊条款在市政厅召开了听证会。这项条款实际上是要把Rockville 变成名符其实的“庇难城”(Sanctuary city),庇护没有合法手续的移民。听证会总共注册要发言的有90号人,估计创了石头城听证会的首例。因为市政厅一次只能容纳七十人,所以警察要按号码排列放人入厅。好在发言严格控制在三分钟,也不允许提问质疑,所以听证进行得很快。去发言的中国人占了发对派的一半。有发言的华裔提到自己平时沉默寡言,对政治不关心,但是这次实在不能沉默,是可忍孰不可忍?华裔发言人的大部分观点是要求市长和市政厅会员撇开政党偏见,用普通逻辑来叛断是非。强调法律面前人人平等,强调如果阻止地方警察与联邦政府的合作,就是给社区一个混乱的信息,从而给社会安全稳定带来影响。也要求市政府在谈大爱的时候,不要忘记美国合法公民和付税人的利益,特别是不要忘记那些一直生活在贫困当中的合法移民。
华裔当中唯一一个支持Rockville 庇护的男士说他曾经差一点就成为非法公民,但是因为一九八九年六四之后美国政府对中国人的庇护,他得以成为公民。所以他宣称美国是庇护国。我个人认为他混淆了政治避难,大赦与非法移民的概念。照他的逻辑,难道因为有一九八九年的大赦,中国十亿人从此就可以不顾美国移民法,先入美国黑了户口再说吗?要为弱小的,受迫害的伸怨和提供庇护并不等于无视移民法。
我注意到反对庇护的白人在发言的开始都非常谨慎,他们都要强调自己不是种族主义者(racist),因为现在的主流媒体把一切与他们观点不一的白人,包括总统和他的内阁都统统贴上了白人至上的标签。一位年长的白人告诉我,他是基督徒,他参与各种慈善机构,帮助贫困弱小有困难的。他问我为啥一开口发言别人就会骂他racist? 华裔发言好歹不是白人至上,但是 昨晚脸书上(Facebook)已经有人给发言的华裔贴上“川普恐怖分子的标签”了!他们说华裔仇恨,气愤和撒谎!


(3/06/2016,  Montgomery County, MD) Hearing on Rockville Sanctuary City Proposal

(3/06/2017 @Yin Zheng)

📢:今天晚上为Rockville而战!需要今天下午4pm 以前预约!“在第一次参议员的听证会上,林力图(Clarence Lam)作为支持方发言,被问到他如果是地方警察,如果ICE( U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement )通知他有一位非法移民的criminal 正在他管辖的地方,他是否会拘留罪犯?林回答:那是ICE的事。问问题的再问:ICE不可能魔术般到达,你是否应该逮捕罪犯?林回答ICE可以逮捕罪犯。看着林毫无表情的面孔,我真的为他悲哀!这就是华人推选的最佳华人!2015 年在旧金山, 正是因为旧金山是Sanctuary city,地方警察拒绝与ICE合作,一位非法移民酿造了一启悲惨的杀人案。你反对Sanctuary city吗?3月6日,今天晚上7pm , Rockville City Hall 有关于明确警察与联邦政府关系的政策听证,实质是要把Rockville 明确为Sanctuary city。你若是心里有负担,请去参加。我已经与city hall确认,你不需要住在Rockville 才能发言。Anyone who wishes to speak can testify 。If you wish to speak, you can callI just call Rockville City Hall 240-314-8280 on Monday before 4 pm to reserve your spot. The hearing will likely to start after 7 pm on Monday at Rockville City Hall at 111 Maryland Ave, 3rd FL。你可以最多讲3分钟,最少一句话。你不打电话也可以随时去旁听,一句话都不用说:your simple presence says more than your words!你7 pm 不能去没关系,8 pm 去,估计见证的时间会超过两小时.千次万次错过,希望这次你不要错过!”

最新报道 - 03/01/2017

昨天40多位华人同胞到州府Annapolis 去做Oral testimony 反对李凤迁提出和支持的Bill HB1362,30位同胞一一发言,场面相当振撼和感人,这是马州华人第一次参与州政府的立法过程,是华人参政的里程碑。某些侨领以为逢年过节请李凤迁来吃顿饭照个像就是"参政了".

我们下午去到,到河边散步,吃饭。晚上去听证会,轮到我们发言, 己是11点,每人三分钟,回到家己凌晨两点






Last night in Annapolis. She started the testimony.

最后的斗士 | The last person just stated with "good morning..."







👆提到的黑人民主党议员是这位下面👇她讲了一大堆黑人几百年的血泪辛酸史,连chair都提醒她:please be on the bill. 她最后一句是:Where is your sympathy for illegal immigrants? 跟苏三大姐的"where is your love" 如出一辙.

那句"where is your sympathy for illegal immigrants"一出,底下听众一片哗然。慷他人之慨的sympathy, 占据道德制高点的大爱.


(2/26/2017 @Anna) "这个民选议员怎么敢这么嚣张。"



(2/26/2017 @George) "我真不相信李凤迁议员这样对待不同政见的华人,岂有此理!"


反对把马里兰变为非法移民庇护州 (Sanctuary State) 行动指南 

from: MD-CAN 
(Maryland Chinese American Network)

当下马州参众两院有提案(SB835和HB1362)要使马州成为非移庇护州。SB835听证会已经在本周二举行。下周二将是HB1362 bill的听证会。Link for the Bill:
1. 至少30人在2/28去Annapolis 作证词(目前已有24人登记)
地址:6 Bladen Street, Annapolis, MD 21401
1) testimony 请在2/27晚11点前寄到 email 标题请注明您会做oral testimony; 
2) 义工会在早晨帮助所有人sign up。请在👆的email里注明您的全名。   
3) 尽量争取在1点前到,大家可以聚一聚,聊一聊,吃吃喝喝,认识战友。如果实在困难,可以晚去,我们在场的人会随时通报进展,但毕竟有一段车程,committee chair又可以随时决定时间表,所以尽量赶早,不要错过testify时间。
4) 到场后领取一件MD-CAN t-shirt. 穿统一服装才能更显示我们的整体实力。穿着MD-CAN的标志在州代表大楼里多晃晃也可顺便帮着把组织名字打出去
5) 交通:尽量安排car pool, 停到Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium (550 Taylor Ave, Annapolis, MD 21401) 停车费 $5, 然后坐shuttle ($2) to downtown area, 在Capitol House 下车。如果停车短于一个小时或晚7:30以后到,请找Street Parking. 做完证如果太晚就一起打个uber (一车$6-8) 

2. 2/28 日不能来Annapolis做证词的,可以写一份written testimony 请务必在2/27 晚11点前寄到:MDCAN2016@gmail.com我们将请Warren Miller协助我们统一上交证词. 他是哈维郡9A选区的共和党州代表(delegate)。也是州里一个反Sanctuary Status法案的主提人。


1. 参考前人的证词,挑选出自己最认同的一两点,形成自己的观点。
2. 写出自己最真实的想法,没有比“真实”更有力量(powerful)的了。加入personal touch (个人经历,个人内心感受, 等)效果最佳。相信你的感受会有更多的人认同,大胆把它讲出去。
3. 多练几遍,不用背下来,但尽量不要对着稿念。新手小技巧:把自己念的录下来,随时多听几遍。
4. 新手上去肯定会感觉紧张。没关系,多去几次就会好的。没人天生能在那样的场合非常自如,正好是锻炼自己的机会。
5. 对家有孩子的小贴士:让孩子帮你改讲稿,做你的演讲教练。第一,帮你提高;第二,让孩子参与和学习;第三,在思想和价值观层面上,是你和孩子的一次交流的机会。第四,让孩子看到什么叫勇敢和努力,即使英文不怎么样也敢上去讲,并且通过努力可以提高。

以下是之前哈维郡居民反对Sanctuary county bill (CB9) 和州 SB835提案的testimonies. 供大家参考 :

No Sanctuary City

MD:被State Senator Susan Lee yelled 的当事人 Dr. Zhou Filed Formal Complaint



Now we know what those politicians mean by "good heart".
1. Allow people to live above the basic law with all kinds of excuses in the name of love. Then soon everyone can find excuses: such as:  I was abused when I was young so I am mentally unstable so I committed the crime with no bad intentions but just out of clear mind.  Nice!
2. Susan Lee "loves" illegal immigrants so dearly that is why she can yell at legal immigrants who excises their legal rights to express different opinion. She is so righteous!
3. If they are so loving, why don't they donate their own money for these illegal immigrants to live a good life in their own country?  These senators and mayors and governors plus those tech. Companies are quite rich.

Who do they really represent?  Whoever made them into power.

Nice job.  Sara.
We will send these hypocrites to court.


I read Dr  Hongling Zhou's story below. I can empathize. The Democrats can be viciously intolerant if you disagree with them. On Twitter and other online sites, Asian-American Democrats hurl pretentous snickers and insults at anyone who does not conform to their creed.  

As an Independent Asian-American voter, I have been verbally assaulted by Democrats for supporting Republican candidates. And, as an Independent, I have been welcomed by Republicans who eschew political correctness. 

For example, I oppose Affirmative Action in school applications. Since the influx of Asian immigrants in the late 1970s, I have seen first-hand how well-qualified Asian-American students are relegated to second and third tier schools because of a quota on Asian-Americans. Affirmative Action imposes a stigma on minorities: this minority student is not well-qualified and has taken the place of another student who is far more qualified. I believe that living under this Affirmative Action stigma is far worse to the well-being of this minority student than going to a second or third tier school instead.

Fight on Dr Hongling Zhou! Thank you for speaking out against those who seek to squelch your voice!


-Audrey Lee 


1. 原因:我们是合法移民,你们是非法移民,我们交税,你们使用,我们站在道德的制高点,
2. 目的:通过反对来显示华人的声音和道德制高点,试图阻止这一法案的通过,我们真的关心结果吗?
3. 可能的结果:法案没通过. 马州华人成为反对这一法案的重要少数民族,有其他的族裔这么大的声音说出自己的道德制高点吗?
4. 连带的后续发展;警察开始工作,你觉的警察认为你是合法移民吗?你觉得有种族倾向的人认识华人是站在道德制高点的合法移民吗?你觉得受这一法案影响的非法移民不知道哪个族裔最反对通过这个法案吗?可能的结果:华人会经常遭到警察的排查和不小心搞错的连累,华人会成为种族主义者的有意和无意的伤害,华人会成为非法移民的报复对象,华人会渐渐成为在马州受左派的激进分子的攻击对象. 警察会帮助华人吗?希望是的,不过看看洛杉矶暴动时候的警察反映就知道了:反映非常不及时,让暴徒发泄愤怒在那些在道德制高点的华人,难道不是一种廉价的缓解社会矛盾的方法吗?大家都能象韩裔一样武装好自己了吗?
5. 建议:不需要这么大张旗鼓的,只需要给你辖区的议员说就可以了,因为这不是每个人都投票,只是议员. 不需要这么炫耀自己是合法移民,你可能得不到你想要的,而是相反. 所以要仔细考虑.



由民主党众议员Del. Maricé Morales及参议员Victor Ramirez联合发起姐妹提案HOUSE BILL 1362和SB0835,将禁止警察以检查身份或出生地为由而叫停,逮捕,搜查或拘留任何居民,并禁止执法官员在其服务的社区中协助联邦移民执法行动。” 



(2/25/2016, @周宏陵)

"美华一周的报导不准确,不是双方被请离开,我们被escorted out of the hearing room, Sen. Lee并没有被要求离开。这也正是不fair的地方。"


(MD)周二 十几位勇士去Annapolis反对 Sanctuary State Bill 听证会时, 被 state senator Susan Lee 训斥 " Where is your heart? Shame on you!" 当事人之一已经 filed formal complaint. 想详细了解当时情况的可以读一下。

美华一周: 视频 | 马里兰州“信任法案”SB0835惹争议 华裔议员与华人居民舌战听证会

(2/24/2017, MD) 被State Senator Susan Lee yelled 的当事人之一 Dr. Zhou Filed Formal Complaint

Distinguished Maryland State Senate Leaders,

My name is Hongling Zhou. I reside in Howard County, Maryland District 13 with my husband and our 2 children. I am a Statistician, and my husband is a software engineer. We have been Maryland residents and taxpayers for 18 years. Senator Guzzone, I am your constituent.

I went to the public hearing held by the Senate Judicial Proceedings committee on Tuesday 2/21. I testified against SB0835 ( I am also attaching my testimony for your reference. This is the first time I attended a public hearing at the Maryland state legislature. And I must say I was very impressed by how the hearings were conducted. I would like to commend Mr. Zirkin as the Chairman of the Judicial Proceedings Committee for his efforts in conducting the hearings in a very professional manner.

However, earlier in the day prior to the start of the hearings, I had an entirely different experience while waiting in the hearing room.  I went to the hearing with several friends from the Chinese American community. When Senator Susan Lee saw us sitting in the room, she came to ask if we were there to provide testimony supporting SB0835. We told her we were there against SB0835. She was apparently shocked and started yelling at us, saying “you are Chinese immigrants, you are against this bill?” “Where is your heart?” We were in disbelief by her reaction and we were speechless. She then walked away, but soon came back again, this time she told us she was ashamed by us and continued her ranting. I responded that she did not have the right to lecture us like that. In about 3 minutes, one of the guards came and asked me and two other friends who also DARED to talk back to Senator Lee, to leave the room. I asked the guard what I did wrong, he said because I yelled at a Senate. I said she yelled at us first and we were just defending ourselves. The guard then said it’s the senator’s office, she can yell if she wants to. I couldn't believe what I heard! What has become of America, the beacon of the free World? This particular guard acted like Senator Lee’s bodyguard. I believe my tax money was not supposed to go to the cost of a Senator’s bodyguard.  At the end, we were escorted to the overflow room on the 1st floor before the hearing officially started.

I would like to ask you the following questions. Do I have a right as a citizen and taxpayer to hold and express my independent view that is different from Senator Susan Lee's? Do I, as a Chinese American, deserve respect like all other attendees, not to be interrogated and lectured by a sitting Senator in front of the public before I even had a chance to testify? Senator Zirkin, you saw me testify on Tuesday night, do I look like someone who would pose a danger that warrants to be escorted out of the room before the hearing even officially began? 

Given the horrible experience as described above, I would like to file a formal complaint against Senator Susan Lee for racial profiling, attempt to suppress freedom of speech, and unprofessional etiquette not suitable for an elected public official in a public building. As a responsible citizen, I don't want anyone else to have the experience that I just went through. It's people's Senate, we all have the responsibilities to make sure it protects the people and the rights of the people! Could you please provide the instructions on the procedure for filing the complaint?

Lastly, please note that I reserve the right to pursue further legal action for the distress and humiliation I endured at the Miller Senate Office Building located at 11 Bladen St., Annapolis, MD 21401-1901.

I look forward to hearing a response from you in due course.



Hongling Zhou, Ph.D.




(MD) 哈维县非法移民庇护郡的战斗还没结束,洛市硝烟又起,接着传来州里6个相关法案都在程序中,一时让忙于上班下班接孩子送孩子的华人压力倍增,捉襟见肘。

恰好和女儿们约了girls night out, 一起去看了张艺谋新片《长城》(大女点的,我压根不知道老谋子出了这部新片,更不知道说什么的)。出乎意料地有收获。我和女儿们都被震撼到了。我震撼于里面的一句话:为国家而战。是的,国家,我们这些抛家离国的人几乎忘了我们可以有个国家。我们和我们孩子的国家叫美国。我们这些新移民同样可以有权利为这个国家的未来而战。当我们能这样做的时候,我们会赢得自尊,赢得孩子的尊重,赢得别人的尊重。你心里就有了底气,不会再揪心于是否会被看成外人,是否被歧视,是否能融入。做人做的就是态度。




HB 1362:
听证时间:2/28 1:00pm
听证地址:6 Bladen Street, Annapolis, MD 21401

注册: in-person only 当天8:30am-12:15pm.
12 点前交16份testimony. 一定提前去,帕车难找,过时不让注册了。

转发:Dear Senator Lee,

I am a constituent of yours in LD 16 and the following information was just sent to me:

On 2/21, at least 3 Howard County residents showed up at Annapolis to testify against SB835(Sanctuary state for Maryland). State Senator Susan Lee yelled at these tax payers and said "shame on you", then she called security to force them out. They were escorted to the overflow room. State Senator Susan Lee, being "loving and caring" to illegal aliens, but failed to show respect to Maryland tax payers and wanted to intimidate them from testifying against the bill. This type of behavior is not acceptable.

Since I was not there to witness it myself, can you please tell me if these Senate hearings are videotaped so I CAN see exactly what transpired ? 

Because if the above report has any basis to it, I, as a constituent, do not condone or support such conduct from any of my elected officials. Elected office holders must represent all constituents and I do NOT support illegal sanctuary laws. If Maryland citizens were following proper procedures and attempting to testify against sanctuary laws they should have been permitted to provide their statements. 

Whether it was your parents, or, as it was in my case, grandparents who were LEGAL immigrants, they, as do we as citizens, have to follow the law, and do not have any “sanctuary” where we can escape from following the law. 

I hope you will agree that CITIZENS certainly deserve MORE of YOUR representation than those who are here illegally and therefore who are NOT your constituents. Lawbreakers should still be treated with courtesy and humanity to every extent possible, but that is not the same as ignoring their infraction. 

Particularly as you are an officer of the court, I hope you will  support adherence to the LAW and not advocate the flouting of our local, state or national laws. 


Gail Weiss
Bethesda, MD

Susan C. Lee

Say NO to Rockville Becoming A Sanctuary City

大家一起来反对马里兰州变成Sanctuary State, 一起来保护我们的家园!


Letter to oppose HB 348-new hearing





并尽可能此信息分享到您的微信朋友圈上。十分感谢!    说明:投票者不需要是加拿大公民或者移民。只需要您的一个电子邮件地址,所在国家和邮政编码即可。

另外,这是觉醒的前穆斯林妈妈在反对加拿大支持Shariah law: 

Help Save Maryland: It Costs How Much To Educate An Illegal Alien Student?
Montgomery County, Maryland homeowners were recently hit with an 8.7% property tax increase, a unanimous gift from the 9 member County Council and County Executive Ike Leggett.  Many citizens wondered just where was the additional millions and millions going from this outrageous tax increase. 
Here is a major part of the answer.  New figures have been released on how much Montgomery County public schools spend on students per year.  While Montgomery County is in the 10 ten nation-wide for total expenditures (over $2.5 billion per year), it is number three in spending per student ($18,073).  That's right, $18,073 per student per year for 13 years, or $234,949 for K-12 for one student (there are of course other expenses like free breakfast, lunch and dinner for more than half of all students, free health clinics in each school for non-citizen students and their families, etc). 
And yet the quality of public education (test scores, school safety, national placement of individual schools) continue to decline year after year, despite spending these vast sums of $$$.   Of course our public school system administrators conveniently forgot to average in the test scores of the non-citizens overwhelming our schools.  No longer can our citizen students brag about graduating from Montgomery County Schools to college admission officers nation-wide, as our test scores are sinking fast.
The Montgomery County Council gave us another hint - construction of new schools, more teachers for the growing school population.  The lawless group CASA of Maryland also gave us another hint -- Hispanic students are now the largest minority in the Montgomery County school system.
Tax increase solved, with the promise of many more increases to come! 
With a never ending migration of illegal aliens from Central America swarming to our county, our school system must handle these students who do not speak English, have never received healthcare and who come from families earning well below the poverty level, who are also in the same non-English, no healthcare situation. 
In fact, Montgomery County Public School Officials have sadly leaked out another important financial figure. 
Illegal alien students (and their Anchor Baby relatives) cost the about 1.8 times, yes 1.8 times as much as a black or white or Asian or Hispanic citizen students to educate.
So $18,073 per year, per student is actually $32,531 per student for illegal aliens (English classes, Bilingual teachers, translation costs, etc.).
From K-12 that figure of $234,949 per student for 13 years is actually $422,908 for each illegal alien student!
Do the math for the thousands of illegals in our public school system!  How many of our citizens have opted, at great expense, to put their children in private schools or are home schooling to escape the collapse of our once proud public school system?
Add the non-stop flow refugees from the Muslim world on top of that, refugees our county vows to attract and care for. 
It also means our children have less public funding for their K-12 education as resources are gobbled up by non-citizens - illegals and refugees.  Same at the college level as the growing illegals qualify for In-State College Tuition as well.  How much more is In-State College Tuition for illegals costing Maryland citizens?
This is why the State of Maryland spends about $2 Billion per year on education for refugees, illegal alien students and their Anchor Baby siblings. Costs that could be easily avoided.    
Anyone still think the Border Wall across the Mexican Border is too expensive?? 
The Border Wall, by stopping the flow of illegals entering the country, will quickly pay for itself in lower taxes and outlays at the state and federal for public education (and in-state tuition, welfare, food stamps, law enforcement and incarceration, crime, prostitution, drugs, child trafficking, criminal justice system, healthcare  and more). Less refugees mean even more savings for our citizens.