Documentary: CHINESE AMERICANS FOR TRUMP 2016 - Part 2






(@张炜) 10/30/2016 在华盛顿纪念碑前(12街)的集会,围观群众纷纷要求和我们一起留影。各族裔的都有!Make America Great Again!

(@大海, 10/22/2016) Canvassing in Dranesville District, Northern VA


今天Yan ,大海和Ping 扫街小组在 Mclean 地区工作了一整天,访问了45 家,三个从不相识的战友由共同的理念和目标凝聚在一起,有扫街经验的 Yan 是我们的主心骨,向我们传授经验。这次大选有点特殊,不少选民都不愿明确表明自己的观点,不少人看到我们的支持Trump的牌子 对我们特别友好,还有一个小伙子问我们有没有sign,让我们给插到他家院子里,我们都感到特别高兴.


On PA turnpike. 276 PA turnpike. The bridge from NJ to PA。Just over the top, drive from east to west,on your right.




他们PA是四周 $1500,固定在一个地方,靠谱些.


斯坦福大学昨天 (10/22/2016) 活动



关于Billboard:“Our ad is displayed for 8 sec in 1 minute each time and it is guaranteed to display for 1250 time per day. you can google your city billboard. outdoor advertising companies, such as Clear Channel, CBS now OutFront, or local ones, depending on your area. ”不同地点有不同impression 数字,不同价钱,有的一周五百,有的一周两千。公司会给地点,impression 数值,价钱供选择。PA 用的是clear channel 与 outfront。







FL Schedules for Flying Banner from Chinese Americans for Trump:

10/22/16 Saturday


Daytona Beach1 PM to 3 PM route: Edgewater (Massey airpark) to south New Smyrna, New Smyrna, Ponce Inlet, Daytona Beach Shores, Port Orange Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach. once the plane reaches Ormond Beach it will go back and forward between Ormond and Port orange 3 times after that the plane will go back and do a full pass down south to New Smyrna and back to the airport. 2 550.00 1,100.00.

The Media press conference can be arranged in Daytona beach location.

 10/23/16 Sunday

1. Orlando: OCS soccer MLS game time 2 PM to 4 PM route: takeoff from Orlando Executive Airport following colonial (50) down to Downtown and Lake Eola, to the World camping Stadium,  I4 westbound to Universal Studios, Disney Springs, Blizzard beach, Typhoon lagoon, Disney Studios, Animal kingdom back to i4 East then I drive for Seaworld, fun spot and wet and wild, I4 east to world Camping stadium for the MLS soccer Game. (3 to 4PM) 2 550.00 1,100.00

The Media press conference can be arranged in Orlando location.

2. Tampa: Buccaneers NFL time 12 PM to 3 PM route: Albert Withed Airport to 275 north up to bay side bridge, to golf to bay Blvd. to Clearwater beach, north on beach to Caladesi Island, Back South to on Beach all the way down to Clearwater, Treasure Island, St Pete Beach down to shell island and back up do the beach route twice from there after the second time we go back to Clearwater follow 275 north to downtown and the Raymond James Stadium (2PM to 3PM) for the last hour of the banner tow.

3. Miami/Fort Lauderdale Dolphins Game NFL time: 11 AM to 3 PM route: North Perry Airport to Miami Gardens stadium (11 AM to 12PM), I95 south to the bridge to Fisher Island, South beach, Bay Harbor Island, Sunny Isles Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, and back. with this 3 hours flight on the Beach we will concentrate 2 or 3 passes in south beach (lots of people) before going down to west palm and back.

Media press contact person for Orlando and Daytona beach: Wenli Cummings 321-666-4188

Chinese Americans will launch “Aerial Campaign” for Donald Trump in Multiple US Cities
Beginning Saturday, October 22,2016 and in the coming two weeks, in more than 14 cities across USA, airplanes will carry “Chinese Americans for Trump” messages to show Chinese Americans’ support for Donald J. Trump’s campaign for United States President.  This is after their first successful aerial campaign for Trump took place in Phoenix, Arizona on October 15. 2016.    One that day an airplane that carried “AZ Chinese Americans for Trump” message flew across the sky of Greater Phoenix for 4 hours.   

The cities that Chinese Americans for Trump movement will launch aerial campaign include: Orlando, Miami, Daytona Beach, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Las Vegas, Cleveland, Columbus Ohio, U of M, Ann Arbor, Michigan, East Lansing, Michigan,  etc.
During the 2016 election, more than one million Chinese Americans are united behind Trump.  These are law-abiding citizens, legal immigrants and their children.  All of their life, they are told that if work hard, play by the rules and contribute to society, they will achieve the American Dream.  But for the past decade or so, the Democrats’ pursuit of excessive political correctness, over-pandering to illegal immigration and racism in the name of Affirmative Action have deeply shaken their belief in the American Dream.  They are turning America into a less free, less innovative and less competitive country with their every legislative move. In short, America is in danger of decline in their hands. 
Many first generation Chinese immigrants are from mainland China where they witnessed the collapse of the socialism and internationalism ideology. Now they see similarity between the Obama administration and the measures by the socialist government half centuries ago, including media propaganda for political correctness, discouraging hard-working people, and lack of law and order.  They know Hillary would bring America down to the path that was already proved to be catastrophic in other countries.  

They could tell from their past and current experiences that Trump’s policies are good for the country, good for the people, and good for the world.  Therefore Chinese Americans unprecedentedly stand up to support Trump.

“We Chinese Americans do not believe Mr. Trump is racist.  We believe Mr. Trump is the candidate who can redistribute income and empower the poor and the middle class of all races”, said Andy Zhang, the initiator and organizer of Arizona Chinese Americans for Trump Aerial Campaign.  “We will support Mr. Trump to Make America Great Again!

For more information, visit:

费城 All Americans For Trump Rally - 10/16/2016


I drove 3.5 hours to Philadelphia PA to attend All Americans for Trump Rally yesterday.

(@Eva) With Lucy⬆️



CAFT in Action - 10/08/2016


我在里士满扫了三个中餐馆. 两个老板明确表态投共和党,他们还会带动10几个有投票权的雇员投票!还有一家台湾人开得中餐馆,老板娘挺希,老板挺川!老板很高兴我去,挺川也理直气壮了!

(@张炜) 芝加哥 CAFT 今天的挺川集会

(@张炜) 芝加哥 CAFT 今天的挺川集会

(@Eva, @Jackie, @VoteDT下着雨扫街、很赞

(@Ning) CAFT team joins forces with Fairfax County GOP group at Dranesville District



看了这个帖,我很感动。北维州也急需义工扫街:继咋日和好友扫了近七十家,今日再次出门扫街回来,又扫了六七十人家,几乎家家有人,说得囗干舌燥,但成绩显著,成功swing 了将近四十家undecided to think about Trump, 最大的成就是将三家铁希粉说的要投Johnson 或Jill Stein, 开心死我了,临走前一希粉还给了我一拥抱,因为知道了更好的choice, [Grin][Grin][Grin],宾州太多undecided voter, 急需义工。


欢迎转发。说说昨天费城帮Trump拉票的情况。遇到一对热心夫妇一起扫街。1.先去了一个很糟糕的区。街上站着一些无所事事的人。全是apartment,看样子不像有工作的人。估计是吃福利住sec8的人住这里很多。敲了几家门。有一个黑人女人开门说是没决定。也不愿意接受调查。然后门口聊天的一个黑女人对我说Trump上台会赶走你们这些外国人。我说我不是外国人,我是美国人。Trump也没说要赶走移民,甚至没说赶走非法移民,只说了要阻止更多非法移民进来。另一个黑女人骂骂咧咧的把我挂在人家门上的宣传单拿过来撕掉了。我一看这架势,这个区是铁杆民主党,不用浪费时间了。2。和小伙伴们一商量,我们看google卫星图,决定去旁边一个独立屋小区去。进去一看房子不错。房价估计在40万左右。扫了几家,非常热情的和我握手。小伙伴们也是这种感觉。得,这区也不用扫了,铁杆共和党区。3.又去了旁边一个condo区。房价估计20万。果然是摇摆区。扫了2条街。谈了几个未决定人。小伙伴有事先走了。我扫了一会雨下大了。也走了。4.屁股决定立场。1区和2区的人都非常明白自己要什么。可是为什么中产华人左派的屁股和立场就不符合呢?担心白人种族主义欺负你们?黑人欺负难道会更少?何况未来属于穆斯林和墨西哥人,他们怎么对华人就更可以预料了。5。微信上华人支持Trump的很多很热闹。可是参加义工的人太少了。费城这么大的区,几次义工下来,最多也就20几个人,最少10个不到。6.然后其中女人占多数。男人们呢?在家带孩子?男人不是应该承担外面风雨多一些吗?7。抛开政治,学校里的宣传中国文化的International Day, 也是清一色妈妈,点缀着我和另外一个爸爸。我们当不了好莱坞演员,给美国人树立亚裔男人的正面形象。学校也有几百号人,和我们孩子朝夕相处的几百号各族人,给他们看看亚裔男人的阳刚形象,不是对我们孩子有利吗?不要再躲在家里,老让老婆出面了。走出你的舒服区。7。华人女人了不起!








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