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Piano Teacher -- Ju Jin (金菊)

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北维州钢琴教师: 金菊

Piano Teacher in Northern VA: Ju Jin

金老师从事钢琴启蒙与初级教育多年,教学经验丰富, 认真,富有爱心。以传统的正规古典钢琴教育方式授课,并同时传授基本乐理 知识, 教学 认真 严肃保证学习成果,如果有兴趣,欢迎问询联系 或 703-712 4249. 谢谢!

Ms. Jin is an experienced private piano teacher in Fairfax VA. Ms. Jin teaches classical piano music tailored to beginners or elementary learners, she also teaches basic music theory. Her lessons are well structured to ensure steady progress in a relaxed and happy environment, with clear learning objectives. Please feel free to contact Ms. Jin via or 703-712 4249. Thanks!